How much more does it cost?

I can't stand people that pay money for a loud stereo for the car they have, but do not pay to have it installed properly. I'm not talking installed in the car, but installed so the people OUTSIDE the car don't hear the trunk rattle. I just watched a guy at a stop light that fits exactly what I'm trying to say. His car is red with yellow blotches (not intentional) yet he has expensive rims, and a nice stereo system, and the trunk rattles with the bass.

 Please people, if you can afford the nice rims, get a nice paint job. If you can afford the nice stereo, get it put in right!


He probably blew all of ...

He probably blew all of his money on the stereo and the rims and now can't afford the paint job. That's what the guys that I grew up with always did. They really weren't the brightest bunch.

Most of the time the rims ...

Most of the time the rims and stereo system are stolen. Most of these guys here in Georgia ride up and down the street all day long knowing that they don't have a job, but driving with rims and a stereo system that even Snoop Dogg couldn't afford. (That's overreacting, but you know what I mean)

Isn't funny when someone ...

Isn't funny when someone has $500 car with a $1500 system in it? Priorities people prioritories!