Idiots with authority


My son is trying to join the Air Force. To get on base to take the final test he needs a state issued ID card. Just out of HS and 18.
Trip 1: He goes to MVA with his birth certificate,school ID and SS card. They tell him he needs his hs transcripts.
Trip 2: Now they want 2 pieces of mail with his current address as well.
Trip 3: Mail refused. It must be from the state of MD or a branch of the federal government.
Trip 4: They accepted a letter he had gotten from SSA but turned down the envelope that his duplicate birth certificate came in because it was sent UPS.This was after he had called and they told him that UPS from the state was ok. They want me to come in with filed tax forms from last year proving him a dependent. He had a letter from the air force base and the bitch (same one every time) told him to bring in his military ID. He can't get on the fucking base to take the test because you morons won't give him an id card.
I got pissed off enough to call a few friends to send him mail that they may accept, The FBI (his sister), IRS, Law office of Vets Admin. and the P.G. county sherrifs office. I wonder if that's enough government for them.


That is crazy all the ...

That is crazy all the hoops they are making him jump through BEFORE he joins! That would actually make alot of people say no thanks!
My brother wanted to join the marines, but they turned him down because he used to have seziures...he was so upset!

I don't see why he can't ...

I don't see why he can't get on post. The only thing he has to do is get his or your vehicle inspected and show an ID card and registration.

Oh yeah have the ...

Oh yeah have the recruiters take him there. that is what they are there for

my grand daughter just ...

my grand daughter just joined the air force and when she went to the base to be sworn in the recruiter met her at the gate and took her in. you need to talk to his recruiter an or the person above this twit.

yeah, the recruiter should ...

yeah, the recruiter should be there helping him. Or tell him to get a Pizza Hut or Domino's shirt and hat and they'll just wave him through.

slappy ALWAYS has the BEST ...

slappy ALWAYS has the BEST answers, LOL!!!

that is just stupid what they are making you go through!! makes you feel like an outsider!!!

LOL walter!!

LOL walter!!

They have scheduled times ...

They have scheduled times for testing and me going is not an option. The recruiter can take him but he still needs to get his ID just to have one.
The burka and pizza hut cap sounds like a good combination to get on base. If they give him any trouble he can use his secret weapon. Free cheesy bread !!

I know that your son could ...

I know that your son could get on post with just his student ID. Hell the kids down here on bragg get on post with just a student ID and I know the post down here is five bigger than the bases up there. I used to live there. Stupid recruiters