Un-EZ Pass


Just got back from a few much needed R & R days on Cape Cod. We had to drive about 8 hours through seven states. I don't get why toll plazas don't have electronic signs indicating which lanes will be "EZ pass only" up ahead.
EZ Pass is a way of pre-paying the tolls to an account and having the toll booth debit your account using a bar code on the drivers window. It's automated and the advantage is not having to stop at a toll booth.
The booths that were marked in advance were often wrong causing me to have to change lanes at the last 100 ft to avoid being caught in an EZ Pass lane paying cash. Get with the times people. Electronic signs would avoid a lot of problems since the EZ Pass lanes are not the same all of the time.


How about eliminating toll ...

How about eliminating toll booths altogether?
Their precious revenue can be collected in other ways.

yeah, I agree with you BOTH!!

yeah, I agree with you BOTH!!