Late people yet again !!


My youngest and I are headed for Cape Cod tomorrow morning for a few days. We are going with 2 other people that insist on leaving at 5AM. I'm getting myself mentally ready to be pissed off tomorrow when neither of them is ready.


i say, take your time. i ...

i say, take your time. i know i know, its hard to drag your feet, especially if youre puntucal. but i say YOU should be late. itll teach them a lesson. hopefully.

can you leave without ...

can you leave without them? or if you know they will be late just sleep in then make them wait.

I've always taught my kids ...

I've always taught my kids that being on time is important. I'm never late no matter what other people do. I'll probably just refuse to drive if they are not ready. That way one of them can deal with rush hour in Baltimore. Missing that was the reason for leaving early.

that's a good idea!!

that's a good idea!!

OOOO..I wouldn't wish ...

OOOO..I wouldn't wish baltimore or washington traffic on my worst enemy. That is a nightmare and a half. gives me the chill thinking about it.