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here we go again...........


since everyong wants to rant about who wrote the bible here is the historical fact (and btw i am not catholic)

The Catholics have seven more books in their bibles than Protestants do. Since the Catholic Church existed from the time of Christ. And the Protestant Reformation took place in the 16 th Century, it would be unlikely that the Catholic Church added anything to the bible!

The list of the books of the Bible were first officially put together at the Council of Hippo in the year 393 AD. They were then reaffirmed in the Council of Carthage in 397 and again by Pope Innocent I in 405.  In 1546 the Council of Trent solemnly defined and declared these books to be correct.  "Although only [the Council of] Trent used the words "canon" and canonical", its list was identical with every list that the Church had provided since the late A. D. 300's."  This is the same

Church that Christ promised to build on St. Peter in Matthew 16:18 - it is the Catholic Church the Catholic Church existed for many years before the Bible was ever put together.  It was the Catholic Church who made the Bible, she selected books of the New Testament, and she preserved it. She handed it down through the years. That is historical fact!

The Bible as it stands today: we find it is composed of 72 separate books, 45 in the Old Testament, and 27 in the New Testament.  The Old Testament was written in Hebrew and the New Testament was, for the most part, with the exception of Matthew, originally written in Greek, Matthew was originally
written in Aramaic then translated to Greek. After the "Dispersion of the Jews", when the Jews were scattered throughout the civilized world, many of the younger Jews ceased to be familiar with Hebrew, rather they spoke the Greek language. The language of trade and commerce. The Jewish authorities decided to make a Greek translation of their Scriptures. Which would be our Old  Testament.

Hence arose that translation of the Hebrew Old Testament into Greek known as the Septuagint. This word in Latin means 70 and is so named because [it is the work of 70 translators], who performed their task at Alexandria. Begun about 280 or 250 years before Christ. It was the version used by Our Lord, His Apostles, and thereby the early Christians.

"For the Old Testament, Protestants follow the Jewish Canon; they have only the Old Testament books that are in the Hebrew Bible. Catholics have, in addition, seven "deuterocanonical" books of the Old Testament, which are also in the Greek Bible (the Septuagint).

 When the early Church was gathering Scriptures for the "canon" or "list of books" for the Bible, they commonly used books that are now not in the Scriptures used by the Jews. One reason for this is that the Jews wanted Christianity to disappear, Remember the Pharisees and the Sadducees that had a hand in killing Jesus were still on the loose! So, at the Council of Jamnia in 95 AD the Jews "ratified" their "canon" of Scripture. They purposely left out some books that were in use at the time by the early Church, they accomplished this by choosing the Hebrew version over the Greek version (Septuagint).

Along comes Martin Luther approximately 1500 years later and he does the same thing that they did choosing the Hebrew version over the Greek version used by Christ and the early Church! CONCLUSION; As to the question of,; "How many Books should be in the Bible?"
 The answer would be (subtraction) that the Protestants removed 7 books of the bible!


i was diagnosed in high ...

i was diagnosed in high school with 2 learning diabilites (seriously)...first: reading comprehension. well, i think thats self explanitory. second: listening comprehension. so basically, everything i just read....wow. i have no clue what you just wrote. lol. i will read it a few more times to understand better. you sound like you know what youre talking about. are you a professor??

aha! History is cool.

aha! History is cool.

I don't get it either ...

I don't get it either Conana. I have never met a Catholic with a different kind of Bible.

But one question I have its this....

Do these supposed 7 books at all dispute the truths of the other 66. Do they in some way discount them?

If not, then what's your beef?

When I have memorized these 66 and learned to obey them perfectly then I will hunt you down for those other 7...meanwhile I have everything I need in my Bible for life and godliness for today.

Oh, and one flaw in your ...

Oh, and one flaw in your facts...the Bible as it stands today has 66 books, not 72.

sorry but i copied that ...

sorry but i copied that from a web site and forgot to add the link. my bad. so no i am not a teacher - but i am 59 and history is my favorite subject for years. especially history as it pertains to women - of course that means that I have to study religion because religion has had a lot to do with a woman€™s place in history.

if anyone really wants the like i will go back and get it.

Can we get some ...

Can we get some sources?

Maybe some names or location of these 7 books?

(BTW, I am not catholic ...

(BTW, I am not catholic either.)

firefly, she (he?) was ...

firefly, she (he?) was responding to the earlier rant in which someone said that the bible was not missing any books. The point (I feel) is that bibles are different and no one has the absolute version. The catholic bible is different then the king james in that is has more books, and some minor differences in the way it is written. If you've never met a catholic with a different bible it's because you've never been bothered to check, if they have a catholic bible, it's different then yours. If you're happy with the bible you've enspoused more power to ya, but it's not the only one out there.

Who really cares? Everyone ...

Who really cares? Everyone should be allowed to believe whatever they want to believe. Just DO NOT tell others what they should believe. That is ANTI everything God-like and is ANYTHING except Good.

The only ones I can not stand and NEVER will are those who insist that their beliefs are the only right ones and that others must all convert or we're all doomed. Unfortunately, there are millions and possibly even billions of these bastard fools. They will go as far as to threaten to kill you if you don't convert and then go ahead and kill if you don't. They do it for one purpose though that is not stated. They do it to steal. They are thieves "using" religion to enrich themselves by stealing possessions and to rape young women (which is also a type of theft). It happened during many of the world's most hideous and deadly wars - the Spanish Inquisition, the Nazi Holocaust (not based on pro religion of the monsters who called themselves Nazis but based on being anti religion, jewish as well as others - same basic reason, war and murder and theft based on religion). This mass MASS murder in the name of God still goes on today. Religion has throughout the ages been used to murder, rape and steal from more people than anything else.

So go on and believe whatever you want. More power to you. Just don't EVER tell me that ONLY your way is correct for ANY reason. That ALWAYS ultimately leads to murdering, raping, thieving fanatics.

TGIX, you're my hero! ...

TGIX, you're my hero! Thank you!!

Ok. Can I get some ...

Ok. Can I get some sources please?

You of all people wouldn't expect me to believe everything I hear.

I'm sorry TGIX but I do ...

I'm sorry TGIX but I do not agree.

There has to be an absolute. One absolute right truth.

you are right it really ...

you are right it really doesn't matter. i admit that i was just looking to "stir the pot" a bit when i posted that. i am not saying that the bible is wrong or right. i am just pointing out that the "first bible" had more books then the one used today.

also i will go back and try to find that link so that you can read the entire story. ok?

Ok, that would be great.

Ok, that would be great.

In religion I do not ...

In religion I do not believe that there is just one absolute truth: I believe that €œThere are many paths to the kingdom of heaven€ and those who kill in the name of God (any God) will never get there.

now here is the link I promised - this is where i lifted my original post

and one from the protestants just to be fair.

Firefly said, on ...

Firefly said,

on July 18th, 2007 at 2:36 pm

Ok. Can I get some sources please?

You of all people wouldn€™t expect me to believe everything I hear.

Sure, look in a catholic bible. I believe I mentioned that in my last post? All you have to do is actually look instead of bantering about it. As far as history goes, I can only suggest going to the liberary (sorry about spelling, being lazy) and picking up some history books. Roman ocupation of Europe, the Spanish Inqusition, the Malleus Maleficarum and the Crusades are all likely subjects.

Mry_m--- thank you for ...

Mry_m--- thank you for providing factual information. I am Catholic by conversion. Our bible is the New American Bible. The seven books are in the Old Testament--- Tobias, Judith, Wisdom, Ecclesiasticus, Baruch, I Maccabees, and II Maccabees. They do not detract from any other scripture, but rather provide for further foundation. I especially enjoy Wisdom. I have found that more converts read their bible than cradle catholics.

Oh, please don't get me ...

Oh, please don't get me wrong. I am not one of those fanatics who goes out killing people in the name of religion.

Actually that is directly opposed to the Word of God.

If it were true that there are many ways to heaven why would Jesus have said "I am the way, the truth, and the life"?
Why would Jesus have come to suffer and die at all if He could've skipped that step?
Why would God even care to reveal Himself to us if we could figure it out on our own?

Why would doing right even matter if we all got to heaven anyway?

In a world like that there could be no truth, nothing solid, no foundation. In a world where anything goes...think about it...what if everything DID go? What if you couldn't say that murdering was wrong and that people have value??? That's what happens when you take away an absolute truth.

I will read your links, but for now think about that.



well, when you set out to ...

well, when you set out to upset people you just never know what will happen. :-)

i sure am glad i live now rather then 200 years ago. otherwise i would be tied to a buring stake. medium, well or crispy?

LOL, spitfire, me ...

LOL, spitfire, me too...I'm catholic BUT my brain is on fire--TMI---system overload-beep-beep-system overload-beep-beep!!! ::BOOM::

firefly, if your religion ...

firefly, if your religion teaches that and you beleive it, that's cool, mine doesn't and I don't. I'm suspecious of religions that insist that they're the only right true way, that's what causes a lot of bloodshed and pain. Just look at all the different sects of islam fighting because they all say they know the one true way and you'll understand what I mean.

mry, I'd be right there with ya sister.

Below is a perfect example ...

Below is a perfect example of a VERY DANGEROUS mindset:

Firefly said,

on July 18th, 2007 at 2:38 pm

I€™m sorry TGIX but I do not agree.

There has to be an absolute. One absolute right truth.

How many more millions or tens of millions of innocent people have to be tortured and murdered for your "absolute truth"?????

To qoute Karen Walker " Oh ...

To qoute Karen Walker " Oh honey, I jus don't care".

I did not have time to ...

I did not have time to read all the responses but the Protestants removed everything from the bible that didn't fit in to the way THEY wanted to live. Which was NOT by the word of God but by the word of GOD minus the stuff they didn't like. Thats were the Baptists etc got their start. As has been stated, and proven throughout the history of Christianity the Catholic church was the first, the original, and the true. All the other Christian religions adjusted their bibles to say what it needed to say to make them feel better abut the fact they were not living by Gods word.

nice to have you join us ...

nice to have you join us slappy. are you off duty now? history shows that the catholics wrote the first bible but we are never going to convince jack of that. he is too far gone in his delusion. and too self righteous :-)

"catholics wrote the first ...

"catholics wrote the first bible"

No, they didn't. Read this -


It never ceases to amaze me how people will rewrite history to their advantage when they like or don't like this or that. Some facts just can not be changed though and this is certainly one of them. There's entirely too much evidence when it you deal with something of this magnitude. All of the revisionist history in the world won't make "The Bible" be written by anyone else. The original was written and then amended many times, there's a sequel called t he "New" testament, but the original will always be the original.

I didn't read that long ...

I didn't read that long ass rant of his and I won't. It's too long. blah blah blah blah.

Yeah, that's right Walter. ...

Yeah, that's right Walter. The Jews came later than the Christians. My bad. LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

DAMN that Wikepedia crap. It's all for crap. EVERYONE knows the Catholic Christians were here before EVERYONE else. LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You really make me laugh sometimes Walter. Thanks!!!!!!! :-D

So believing in the power ...

So believing in the power of God to change lives is dangerous?

Hmmm, interesting.

TGIX - Let me give you a few examples of this 'dangerous' religion...

A few changes that the power of God makes in people that I have personally met:

Alchoholism - men and women who have been alchoholics from the time they were 10 are now completely sober and teaching other people how to do the same...
Drugs - Teens involved in drug dealing and using are now clean and living life as upright citizens...
Abusive lifestyles - both people that were abusive and people that have been abused are mentally and emotionally healed and able to live normal happy lives with stable marriages and successful careers...
Gangs - Kids that were involved in dangerous Latino gangs (one was on death row for several years) are now wholeheartedly committed to God and have left that lifestyle behind. They have good strong families with healthy children and wonderful spouses. Now they are reaching out to the kids who have grown up in gangs with a message of redemption.
Disease - People (including my own family members) have been healed of incurable diseases.
Cancer - I have seen multiple people healed of cancer (not simply successful operations but having the cancer completely disappear).
Lameness - I have seen a man with a severe spinal problem, unable to walk, in a wheelchair, handicapped for life...he is now walking.

That's not to mention the tons of unemployed, criminals, prostitutes, etc. that are now useful citizens of their community...

All because of the power of the TRUTH. Sounds like a dangerous religion to me.

We're not in the business of taking lives, but rather seeing lives restored.