Not a peeve but in need of help!


Ok, I know that this is not a peeve, but I have no where else to turn for help.

I have recently begun selling Mary Kay Cosmetics.  I have put up fliers in my office of my full time job, at area restuarants, in my community and on my MySpace page.  Still I feel like I am not out there enough to get recognized.

What can I do?  Is there anyone out there in peeve world that is interested in Mary Kay?  If so, contact me through my personal website:

I just hope that I don't get booted from here like I did on Yahoo! Answers.   Some people, if only I knew who made the complaint on Yahoo! Answers, I would give that person a piece of my mind.

Anyone out their with ideas?  I don't have the money to advertise, or even to put my website into a search engine. 


craigslist dot com might ...

craigslist dot com might have a place where you can post. Posting on these is always free. Other than that I have no clue.

ebay it. ebay rocks. im ...

ebay it. ebay rocks. im sure you can sell something on there.

Good luck Navybrat. You ...

Good luck Navybrat. You have been on the site a long time, so it is not like you just came on to the site to advertise. I like the ideas mentioned above, ebay and Craig's list.

yeah, we ALL come on here ...

yeah, we ALL come on here and promote products we have used to share our knowledge with others. I think the suggestions above are good, but a good way is to OF COURSE HOST your own party, maybe once a week or once a month.

what an ASS, whoever that ...

what an ASS, whoever that was who reported you on Yahoo!



Be agressive is the best ...

Be agressive is the best advice you can be given. Some Ideas for you:
1. Know anyone getting married soon? Offer to do the make up for the bridal party for free or at reduced price in exchange you'll be allowed to leave your business card at the wedding reception. You could also make up wedding packs for Brides to give to the bridal party.

2. Ask your cosmotologist to use your products for a few days, in exchange you could refer your customer to him or her.

3. Be careful where you place those flyers, instead of placing them in grocery store place them at Curves, women's wellness centers, or other businesses that women frequent.

4. The big chain stores like Wal-Mart or Macy's may not be option for you but the smaller ones will be more receptive so market to them. Sit for awhile and think how to do this and how you might overcome any resistance you may encounter.

5. So many people are organic product crazy these days, if so be prepared to offer those products.

6. Visit office buildings and ask to leave any phamplets, books, or order forms in the employee break rooms.

In sales you have to be creative these days, the flyers are a good start but keep trying new ideas. Have fun with this it shows and will help sell your product!