The 50 worst cars of all time. A "Must See"!


The short descriptions of each are priceless! Some are hilarious. Most are quite witty. The only one that bothered me is the Maseratti Biturbo since I drove one once (brand new) and it performed like the perfect dream car. I never knew before that what it meant when someone would say "It turns like it's on rails". That car Hugged the ground at all speeds on the tightest of turns and boy did it have speed! Pick up was such that when going 60 on the highway, and a Z-28 pulled up alongside giving the nod, a tiny tap of the accelerator and it looked exactly as if the Z-28 was going backwards! About a second later I glanced down at the speedometer and it said 95 but it felt like 40 it was so smoooooth. Reliability be damned, there was never a finer performing car... when it worked. It looked gorgeous too! After taking it out from the dealership to Glyndon to photograph it, I seriously considered keeping on going and going. I guess it was the right decision to bring it back since it likely would have broken down, a lot, making a clean getaway impossible.


Heeeeyy !!!!! I had a ...

Heeeeyy !!!!! I had a Chevy Chevette when I first got married. It was the chick magnet that landed me my wife of 23 years. Actually I think it was the long hair and being in a metal band but I like to believe it was the car.


I had a yellow Ford Pinto Stationwagon and that thing ran and ran and ran!! My dad picked it up for practically nothing and fixed it up for me after I ran my AMC Hornet into the ditch one night.

That Ford Pinto brings back tons of memories as it got rustier and rustier. We used to call it the "Rustbucket" but it was soo dependable..even in the Winter!! The guy I was seeing at the time used to put his dirtbike in the back and we'd take it out to this place by the river where he'd ride it. One day my dad was working on my car and wanted to check out the spare. Don't ever think I've heard him yell and swear as much as he did when he found the spare sitting in about an inch of oil from the dirtbike. Brand new spare ruined beyond belief!!

When the fenders were rusting off I one time tried to nail the back one back on...DUH!! But hey, I was just a kid and what the hell did I know back then!?? Back when it was legal to load a car up with people, I'd drive all my friends around in it..sometimes there were EIGHT of us in the thing!!

My dad finally sold it for $50 bucks to some guy with a bunch of kids.

My hubby has a yellow Aztec that we call the "Shortbus"..LOL!! Looks just like one too!!!

OH, so that's where you ...

OH, so that's where you get your filthy mouth from! the metal band!! LOL!
they left several cars off the list in my opinion. I'm not sure what they based their criteria on but just for looks with me I gotta add those stupid Pontiac Aztecs, Buick Rendezvous, Honda Elements, Toyota Scion and yes any of the Rovers (Range or Land ones)!!!

BUT hey, I ™¥ the ...

BUT hey, I ™¥ the DeLorean!!! you know Back to the Future!!!

Aztec is in there Dawn. ...

Aztec is in there Dawn. Hafta agree - Rendezvous, Element, Scion and Rovers all do belong there as does the Toyota FJ Cruiser.

OH yeah I forgot that one!!!

OH yeah I forgot that one!!!

Mazda GLC..

I had a Mazda GLC with a stick shift. Absolutely loved that thing!! One time we had a really bad snowstorm and my Mazda was buried in snow. Drove that thing right out of that mess!!

That thing ran and ran also!! I think it had over 300,000 miles on it when I got rid of it and I used to see the new owner driving it around town all the time. You couldn't miss it as it was brown with racing stripes down the sides.  Pretty cool car for a 20 year old in those days!!

Funny they didn't mention the Plymouth Neon. I rented a blue one and got such a great deal on it...all I had to do was put gas in it!! That was a great car also and after my rental agreement ran out, I bought a brand new purple one that I drove off the showroom floor!!

They didn't mention Saturns either. Never had one but a friend of mine had one that ran like a saddle on a sow!! My parents test drove one once and my mom said it ran like a "lumberwagon" They were cheaply made and easy on the pocketbook..the first with the "no haggling" thing (probably because they WERE so cheaply made). TONS of people had them because Saturn made them feel special when they walked out the door while staff stood around and clapped when they were handed them the keys..

Not that the cars made today are any better. Costs a fortune to get them fixed since they're all computerized now. One thing goes out and then everything goes haywire. Plus they all look the same!! At least I can fine my little VW Beetle in a parking lot..LOL!!

I like the FJ.Thinking of ...

I like the FJ.Thinking of buying one. Other than the fact the windshield is flat and thus more likely to crack when hit by small rocks and stones, I like the fact you can hose out the interior without damaging anything. We do lots of outdoors stuff ( hiking, backpacking, kayaking etc etc) and like the fact its a good vehicle for getting around in the off road areas we frequent. I don't think I'll buy just yet as I would like the vehicle to establish itself a little more and would like to see Toyota take some of the customer suggestions for making it better into consideration. For our outdoorsy life style it's a very practical little SUV. Gets decent mileage too, according to the couple of owners we've talked to.

I did a quick search and ...

I did a quick search and saw 17/21 city/hwy mpg. You consider those good numbers? I don't.

Being able to hose it out sounds nice but there are other ways to keep a car clean that we've all done for years: Take off and change shoes, vacuum, and I've found wiping with a wet towel cleans carpets/upholstry better than Anything more easily and quicker. With what you spend on extra gas you could have a smaller car with actual mileage and pay to replace the entire interior a couple of times!

The people I spoke to said ...

The people I spoke to said it was much better than whats on the sticker. The sticker on my Sorento said like 15/19 but it gets way better than that. In fact we drove to San Antonio this weekend. Total trip miles was 230 miles. We used less than half a tank. A quick calculation puts it a 23 - 24 mpg, well above the advertised. I would say the FJ is probably close to that if not better since it's 3 model years newer than my Sorento.

My current cars are very much spotless inside. However many times after a backpacking / kayaking trip I've thought "damn it would be nice to just hose this bitch out."

Rav4's get 30 or better. ...

Rav4's get 30 or better. It's a Big difference.

Only thing is space, ...

Only thing is space, depending on how much of it you need...

Rav4's are something a ...

Rav4's are something a high school girl drives. I couldn't believe for one second that ANY man driving one wasn't gay. Not that there's anything wrong with that.

I can't see why people get ...

I can't see why people get so hung up on how a vehicle looks. To me the important points are:
Does it serve my purpose?
Is is comfortable?
Does it get reasonable gas mileage?
Does it start when I want it to even in bad weather?
Does it have good brakes?
I really don't care what the vehicle looks like as long as it is clean inside and out. I drove an old Chevy Malibu for years, comfortable, great mileage, reliable, looked awful, didn't bother me a bit.
I finally sold it to the neighbor for his teenage son. That car saved the boy's life when an idiot in a VW pulled onto the highway right in front of him when he was going 60MPH. The police said that without his good brakes, good reaction time and the fact he was driving a bigger well built car, he would have been seriously injured.

Rav4 drivers are gay? I ...

Rav4 drivers are gay? I think all cops are gay. Just look at the Village People doing YMCA! LOL!!!!!! slappy, you got nothing on those dudes either. At least they're famous for being gay. You're just a cop (meaning GAAAAYYYY) and making a regular cop's salary. LOL!!!!!!!

You crack me up honey.

You crack me up honey.

ah but sawomri, some are ...

ah but sawomri, some are homophobic to the point that they won't drive a car they think might just get great mileage, look great, have reliability and performance because somewhere in the recesses of the little minds to THEM it's Gay. They'd rather pollute more (Killing More People) and have Less resale value, SUPPORTING MORE TERRORISTS, and having a Less Reliable vehicle because to THEM that's Less *Gay*....... Quite Very VERY Sad, isn't it???

Well if it says anything..

Well if it says anything for my hubby, he refuses to drive my VW Beetle and calls it the "gay car" while he drives around in a yellow Aztec that looks like a total "short bus"!! 


Why the hell such a "manly man" would buy that color of car is beyond me as it's the same color as school busses..HA!!

I'll have to let my friend ...

I'll have to let my friend at Baltimore PD know you think cops are gay. And what do you do for a living? Thats right, you're a wedding photographer that moonlights as a sales clerk in a retail store. Which means you hang around in dark rooms with other guys AND you're some regional sales managers bitch. At least I contribute to society whereas you take from it by scamming honest people out of their hard earned money. LOL !!!!!!!!!!

Don't take things so ...

Don't take things so literally TGIX, it's contributing to your high blood pressure. And I'm not homophobic, I talk to YOU don't I ?

And if me driving a bigger ...

And if me driving a bigger vehicle that makes me a gas hog that supports terrorists makes a democrat cringe and cry, then all the more I want to do it. Especially since my soon to be new excursion kills people. Now HOW does that work again?

First of all slappy, I ...

First of all slappy, I don't "moonlight" at anything. I work two jobs as most Americans are forced to do since the republicans have taken over.. Secondly, I am not a sales clerk. Thirdly you are completely off your friggen rocker chair once again with that "regional sales manager" idiocy of yorus. Get sober, OK? If anyone is "scamming honest people out of their hard earned money" as YOU say, it is YOU. How much crime is there in your area? I'll bet it is WAY TOO MUCH. At least I don't portend to solve someone's problems as a public servant and then leave them to their own selves to protect their own homes or DIE as you do. THAT is a scam of someone's hard earned money, their tax money they have NO Choice of paying or not paying and YOU do NOT protect them as you should. THEY DIE while you make excuses about how you still don't get paid enough. At least when I, once every blue moon, can not fulfill a client's every last wish, I am not KILLING them as you ARE.

And as far as contributing to society goes, I do plenty of that in many ways, working two jobs and serving as an election judge to ensure the republicans don't steal another one. You, on the other hand, have only bogus insults, like the rest of the rupublcan party, to attempt to make your points and the public has wised up to those. You certainly ARE homophobic (which usually means your are gay yourself, ask ANY psych professional). Driving the gas hogs DOES support terrorists whether you want to admit it or not. So wise up. Be patriotic. You can do it. I know you can. Just learn what it means to send more money to those bastards. It means your SUPPORT them. That's not rocket science. You can get that many IQ points to rub together, can't you? Feed the monster so it grows? Right? Starve it and it dies off? Right? Want more explanation than that? Can't grasp that concept? Sorry, I know three year olds who learn more easily than you then.

Actually the FACT is ...

Actually the FACT is people are financially better off than they've been in 15 years.Indisputable so don't even try.

"At least I don€™t portend to solve someone€™s problems as a public servant" - Thats because you're too much of pansy to take that kind of risk to better your community. It takes a confident person to do what I do and clearly you don't have what it takes to do the job. See, we are against criminals unlike you and your rapist / child killer / murderer supporting libs.

"How much crime is there in your area? " - Due to the fact we have the second highest arrest to conviction ratio in the US we have less crime then most. Those stupid enough to commit crimes in my area go to prison for much longer,and I mean by decades, than they do in the next County over.

"to ensure the republicans don€™t steal another one. " - The FACTS overwhelmingly proved over and over again that all that was a democrat tantrum because you all lost, handily at that. Again, indisputable so save it.

"You, on the other hand, have only bogus insults," - Typical democrat, attack first with personal insults then cry foul when they are responded to. If you'll check above, nothing got personal until YOU, the crybaby demo-douche, started with the insults. This infantile behavior is typical of your kind and I know you know this because you make it you MO for every argument.

"which usually means your are gay yourself, ask ANY psych professional) " - Thats funny I live with my wife of 20 + years, not a young boy. Oh thtas right, your wife had to go elsewhere because you couldn't hack it as the man of the house. Me gay?

"Sorry, I know three year olds who learn more easily than you then." - What else do you know about them? A little too much perhaps.

oh, and if you want to ...

oh, and if you want to argue intelligently like you used to, let me know. If you just wanna hurl insults, I'm game for that. It's fun too.

You da man Walt.

You da man Walt.

i was so happy to see my ...

i was so happy to see my little Aveo wasnt on the list. lol.

I agree with Dawn,I love ...

I agree with Dawn,I love the DeLorean. But I HATE the Pontiac Aztec. I had one of them for a rental car once and I was actually embarrassed to drive it!

I think the Aztec was the ...

I think the Aztec was the new Pacer.

You are right, the Aztec ...

You are right, the Aztec is the new Pacer and Gremlin!

K, maybe I'll be very ...

K, maybe I'll be very unpopular here, but I really don't like the look of the new VW Bugs...the old ones were cute, the new ones are annoying.

Tend to agree Firefly..

I love my little 2000 VW Beetle and wouldn't trade it for the world!!

The new ones look like some fat guy sat on them!!  LOL!!

I just read the ...

I just read the descriptions of the 50 worst cars. That writer is funny!

Gremlin. LOL. Waynes ...

Gremlin. LOL. Waynes World...Waynes World party time......excellent.



I also wonder why they ...

I also wonder why they didn't mention that awful Avalanche and Ridgeline - both absolutely ridiculous looking. There used to be the cowboy Cadillac - El Camino too - stupid and ugly.And then there's that obscene Escalade pickup truck. What were they thinking?

Exactly TGIX..

I've often wondered how long those big a** El Caminos take to get around a corner they're so freaking long!!

How 'bout those Station Wagon..

Ya know..the ones with the fake wood on the sides..those were a hoot too!!

You know, I didn't ...

You know, I didn't remember seeing the Edsell on the list of the worst cars.

The Edsell. LOL !!!!

The Edsell. LOL !!!!

yeah, man wagon! I HATE ...

yeah, man wagon! I HATE station wagons.PERIOD. and just because Dodge decided to call it Magnum and make it fast doesn't mean it's still NOT a station wagon!!

I call Mini Vans..

Ugh..nothing could make me drive one of those..I mean NOTHING!!