Wonderful Parenting skills buddy

 Can You believe the wonder parents that are in our world today?? Not only does this wonderful parent teach his son the right way to get the things you want, but also teaches him the wonderful world of social services...and all in one day!


08/29/2007  -- 

Authorities are trying to identify a young boy left inside a store by a suspected shoplifter who fled the store when confronted by a store security officer, police said Wednesday.

The boy, who is about 2 or 3 years old, is apparently unable to identify himself, and no one has reported him missing, Sgt. Gary Knight said.

The boy has been in Department of Human Services custody since Friday, when he was left inside the Wal-Mart store on west Reno.

A man was pushing a shopping cart with the boy in it when security personnel spotted the man shoplifting and confronted him, Knight said. The man then fled the store, leaving the boy behind.


The criminal needs to be ...

The criminal needs to be executed and the boy given to a loving family. Not other family members of the bad guy, a different family all together. Because if this guy will do this kinda thing, it's safe to conclude his family is no better. No other options are even worth considering.

to take the kid with you ...

to take the kid with you while shop lifting was bad enought but to leave him behind when you were caught! unforgiveable. and where is his mother? why hasn't she picked him up? more afraid that her babys daddy will be arrested? i hope that he is given to some wonderful people who will love him.

she was prolly already in ...

she was prolly already in jail!! LOL!!

First off how sad is that ...

First off how sad is that you have to steal from WalMart?!? This brain dead pond scum would have likely been charged with a minor offense now he'll be charged with a felony!

Where the hell are the ...

Where the hell are the rest of the relatives in all this? I couldn't imagine leaving my nephew in protective services like that, I'd go get him then kill my brother for doing that to him!

Let me have that precious ...

Let me have that precious child to finish raising. Damn the village that lets parents get away with this kind of behavior.