dumb kid almost killed them!

I couldn't find the story but it was on the Today show about a woman, standing outside the car, who was strapping her 4yr old daughter in the backseat while her 12, yes, 12yr old son was in the front and he started the car and being that it was a stickshift car, it was already in first, which was also STUPID, so when he started it, the car rolled forward and the 4 and 12 yr olds were in it and went over the wall into the canal!!!! the mother ran after them to help them and another person in the complex heard her screaming and he called 911 and ran down to help also. the 12yr old got out fine BUT the 4yr old was still in the car and a man broke the window with a weedwhacker while the other guy jumped in to save her!!!

NOW, the idiot son started the car, the mother said she didn't know why he did that and had no idea he was gonna do it. I would be happy once it was all over BUT I would tear into that 12 yr old so bad...cuz he was old enough to know better!!!! Esp. on a stickshift type of car!! When I had one, I NEVER kept it in first, always neutral with the parking brake on!!


That must have been ...

That must have been terrifying. Thank goodness that helper broke the window to get the other child out.

Why did the F-Tard mother ...

Why did the F-Tard mother give the keys to the equally F-Tarded 12 year old ? Oh thats right....she's an F-Tard.

Stupid people breed stupid ...

Stupid people breed stupid kids.