bastards got bumpers on their asses?

well, I picked up the kids just now and took them to get a snowball.
driving back home this jerklick starts crossing the street in front of me and I HAVE the green light, and proceeds to continue walking the SAME PACE as I quickly approach her and stares at me the whole time as if to say "I know you ain't gon hit me, you better slow down"!!! cocky ass attitude must think she got bumpers on her ass cuz I CAN hit her! I mean WHO THE HELL WALKS THAT SLOW ACROSS THE STREET WHEN A CAR IS COMING!!! ignorant ass wench!

NOT more than 2 mins. later as I'm coming down the street, a guy walks right in the middle of the street very slowly, like he's not sure if he wants to cross to the other side or not and he comes to almost a complete STOP in the street!!! I HAD TO GO AROUND "HIM" SO I WOULDN'T HIT HIM!!!!!


Two of them just 2 minutes ...

Two of them just 2 minutes apart? That's weird. Was it jerklick day in N.O. today?

There ought to be a feature on cars for those types. I'm thinking maybe the opposite of a tranquilizer dart gun or even just a horn that plays mp3's so you could have it say something like "Good day jerklick. Do you need assistance, perhaps a little push? If so stand there long enough and I'm sure you wish will soon be fulfilled. Just please have your health insurance card handy."

THAT would be great!! I ...

THAT would be great!!
I wasn't far from my house either, that's what's so weird about it!!
the school is close to the house and the snowball stand too!!

I'll put the "root" right ...

I'll put the "root" right back on them!! LOL!!

Just because pedestrians ...

Just because pedestrians have the right of way doesn't mean they can just wander out into traffic and expect to live. Freakin' idiots!

especially when MY light ...

especially when MY light was GREEN and she was crossing MY flow of traffic!!!

Good way to get hit by a ...

Good way to get hit by a drunk, inexperienced or stupid driver. They were lucky it was you instead.

What about the people in ...

What about the people in parking lots? They walk down the middle of the aisle and even though you're behind them, looking for a parking place, they just keep on walking in the middle of the aisle-like they're the only person in the world?!?!?!?