Another Idiot Tale


I was at the Shell station about 2 miles from home yesterday evening to get gas before driving to Thurmont (camp david) MD.
This station is on a state highway so it can only be approached from one direction. No left turn into it. There is always a line because they are at least 6 cents cheaper than the rest. The way it's supposed to work is each car waits at the entrance until a pump that matches the side your gas tank is on is free. The woman in front of me pulled in and seemed to head for the exit. 2 pumps were free so I pulled to the one in the front so the car behind me could have the one in the back. Then I spotted the idiot woman. She had pulled in front of everyone and turned her car in the wrong direction instead of waiting for a pump that matched her tank location. She starts yelling at me to move because she was there first. I had a car behind me and her in front of me pointing in the wrong direction. I ignored the 50 different types of mother fucker she called me and pumped my gas. The guy behind me got tired of hearing it so he said, "every car here is pointed in the same direction except you,get a clue you stupid bitch". So he gets called a dozen different types of spic and really got pissed. He walked away from her and he and I came up with a plan. She couldn't pull in until we both left so the guy behind me stayed close to me until we cleared the pumps.He left his rear end in front of her just long enough for 2 more cars to pull in behind us. We left her there screaming at 2 other people that had no idea what she was pissed about.
This idiot actually thought she was right.


Serves her right. Stupid ...

Serves her right. Stupid Bitch!

I hate people like that just as much as I can't stand people who will not pull to the front gas pump to let others in or the people who will park their cars in front of a pump and going inside for an ungodly amount of time.

That's awesome!

That's awesome!

lol. i sooo wish i had ...

lol. i sooo wish i had seen that!

hee hee, that was funny, i ...

hee hee, that was funny, i wonder if she ever got back in line?

Would have PAID to see it ...

Would have PAID to see it and PAID to be one of the cars behind you to pull in after you left. GREAT!!!

I gotta go back there ...

I gotta go back there today. I'll let you know if she's still there.

Watch out, she's probably ...

Watch out, she's probably still there....with a gun, laying in wait for you. ;)

That's justice being ...

That's justice being served. Good work Amarettoxo!!!

"I gotta go back there ...

"I gotta go back there today. I€™ll let you know if she€™s still there." LOL!!!!!!

What I do in a situation such as she found herself in is I pull up close to the pump as the hose will usually reach around to the other side.

Of course you really should have let her have her way since she clearly had more important things to do than anyone else in line and knew that from reading their minds. ;-P



I HATE the ones who DON'T pull to the first pump so you have to go around them, back up and get in front of them to get to it!!!!