Concours d'Elegance - a PET PEEVE!!!

Alright, look at this site first -

Now that you have seen it, can you tell me why I have to PAY to see some OTHER PEOPLES CARS? Cars that, by the way, I would NEVER own even if I could afford one? And another thing, why do they have to close off ALL the on street parking in Carmel JUST so they can park these cars? It's not like those cars are DRIVING IN! They are ALL brought in in side of TRAILERS!!! So IF I wanted to get a 'free' look, I would either have to WALK all the way over from the city next door (and 5 miles away), take public transportation, or park in one of those city owned, charge $15-$20 parking lots!!! So I ask, WHY???

 Oh, and best believe the traffic will be HORRIBLE! People driving REAL slow to have a good look, NOT watching where they are actually driving, talking on cell phones, taking photos with said phones, etc. Pedestrians, you are taking your own life into your hands if you come here this week, be forewarned!!!!


You pay because it is a 60 ...

You pay because it is a 60 year old charity event to raise money from the rich.

It's something we'll never ...

It's something we'll never understand, us being the "po' folk" that we are!!

a few years ago my mom and ...

a few years ago my mom and i went to monterey on vacation. we traveled to bodega bay and san francisco. along our journey we decided to go through pebble beach, not realizing what it is. so we're driving looking at the pretty scenery and my mom and i are both saying, "all this way for a stupid golf course." little did we know that pebble beach is a shnazzy and famous golf course. i just thought that was funny.

oh, and regarding those sexy cars.....if i had the money, you better believe i would buy up those cars. they just arent made like that anymore and i want one.

but i do think its bogus that you have to pay to see them. Oakbrook Mall has a classic car show on fathers day every year and thats completely free. i highly recommend a classic car fan to come and check it out.

It's the area, Walter. ...

It's the area, Walter. You can't swing a cat in Carmel without hitting a rich snob.