The Drop it Lady.


I was just surfing the series of tubes for a place to complain and it looks like I've found a spot.

I feel a nice long peevy rant coming along, but I'll try to keep it a little shorter than what I'm normally use to.

First off I work at a "Work Shop" for people with developmental disabilities. I am not an official 'DSP' staff. I cannot become one because about 10 years ago when I was young and a lot more stupid than what I am now I was convicted of a felony. The company does not hire felons (though others do), I don't really like this, but I respect it and can see why it would be an issue.. that in all is another peeve/rant. I'm typing this here today to discuss my work environment.

I've worked at this place before and know a lot of the older staff that has been there for awhile. They know I'm a fairly smart, well mannered guy. So they let me work there as an 'assistant' of theirs. With assistant I mean I do whatever they tell me to do, one day I could be raking leaves outside, the next helping watch a room, and then checking parts of stuff the consumers put together. I'm just the all around "Do it" dude.

Well since I can't be staff, I'm labeled as a consumer, which is technically right. I don't mind this one bit, in fact it's down right awesome at times, since I get to go on outings and the such and get paid by the hour for it. But I digress, I also hate being labeled as a consumer as well. At times a few of the newer staff seem to treat me like a consumer at times, a very, very slow one at that.

I have one co-worker who shall remain nameless as I'm sure she is so into herself she googles her name daily, who I think really enjoys being a dumb snobby pain in the ass. First off When I walk into the room/building and I see her I try to be polite and say Hello. She usually doesn't respond unless other co-workers/supervisors are around. She doesn't like talking to the real consumers either. She really shouldn't be working at a place like this anyhow because she's not a people person she is a mirror, mirror on the wall type of person. Beyond the hello thing, I have a sense of humor, and am sometimes impulsive at displaying it, I admit sometimes I joke around a little too much, not physically joking around, or even saying demeaning things, but like this morning She started to say something and she said "What is the word I'm thinking of" and I replied "I don't know, I didn't eat my Alphabet soup this morning". I wasn't trying to be smart or anything Just trying to get a cheap laugh, and she gave me this death glare and told me to "Drop it" and walked away.

She's talked to my supervisor, and said I shouldn't be able to smoke on break unsupervised. This is beyond bullshit ('Scuse the language). I'm in my late 20's now, I've lived on my own since I was 17, I drive a truck, I'm a totally independent person, and she knows this because I've told her.. does she really think I need supervision smoking a cigarette? My Supervisor, who I pretty much tell all, because I went to school with him, and we were buddies then, just told her that it was okay, but privately he's shared a few opinions of her with me.

I eat with the consumers at lunch, It's really kind of fun because there are a lot of really interesting consumers there, that I would never get the chance to speak/sign with otherwise. I sit at a table with one male who is deaf we will call him Earl, Deafness is all that is "wrong" with him. I know a little bit of sign laguage, so every so often I try to conversate with him. He's a really nice guy, a hard worker, who probably gets too much work put on him, because he is so eager to please, to be honest. Anyway I've worked at this place now for 7 months and Each and every time I've sit by this guy his sheltered living home has always sent him two sandwiches. Well Mrs. Thang must not have been in a good mood, because from the moment everyone started eating she started barking orders like a drill sergeant.. stuff like "Peter Your stuff is done take it out of the microwave" when the dude was heating up his hot pocket for a whole 30 seconds. Stuff like that anyway... She see's my friend, Earl has 2 sandwiches she totally flips out on him, takes one of his sandwiches away, when she does this I asked if I could talk to her on the side. I mentioned that he has always had two sandwiches, she told me to "Drop it" (it's one of her favorite phrases I think), That she has already discussed with Michael (The supervisor) about Earl, and how he doesnt need 2 sandwiches. I did take her advice and dropped it, Figured she would forget to look the next day, or maybe be in a better mood... but during her lunch, I walked into her break room to buy a consumer a diet pop as a reward for helping me load some chairs and tables into my truck to take to the main building, and THAT BITCH WAS EATING THE DAMN SANDWICH!! I know it was his, because Earl is rather picky with his food, and after sitting near him for 7 months, and he always has the crust of the bread cut off and the sandwich cut horizontally.

I could go on and on about her. And it's mostly small stuff, that gets bigger in time. I don't really have many people to turn to and just get this shit off my chest. I mean this woman is making me think I need therapy. I seriously have been thinking about calling the counseling place near my house just to have someone to bitch to. Even when she's not on a damn "Self Trip" she's annoying to be around, the way she treats the consumers like a lesser class of human, the way she has the whole 'do as I say not as I do' style going on, the looks she throws at you when she is wrong and you prove it (Even something like the cost of vending machine food items, really trivial stuff.)

Anyway I don't think I have expressed how much it feels like she is destroying my well being, and well as other peoples.. but it's time for me to catch some Z's. Sometimes I swear it's not even worth waking up to go to work because I have to deal with her.. and there is really no way around it.. at this moment I have to be her Assistant.. It can't be changed for awhile and gah.. I really love working with the people I work with. But she is really making me not only making me think of quitting, which I know I don't want to do.. I'm no quitter, she's also making me really doubt myself. I don't know how really but she's made me feel like I am really, I dunno I guess retarded, or at least not that smart, I know I'm not retard but it's just really hard to explain.


First of all, welcome to ...

First of all, welcome to our little fun site. From what you have said about yourself, you will fit in with us nicely!
Tell her to screw off. Tell her supervisor that although she has complained about what someone brings in for their lunch, like she really has any say so on who eats what, you in fact did catch her eating "Earl's" sandwich. She has no business taking away his food in the first place just to place it in her own belly. You just have to be ready to take a stand against her and her evil ways to stand up for yourself, and for those like "Earl" who have a different voice, but still an opinion to get across....Good luck with her tomorrow.

Thank you for the welcome ...

Thank you for the welcome MNolen.

I should have posted this in this topic last night, but many times people at the workshop will get the wrong food, like every so often their homes cooking staff will accidently put food items in the wrong peoples lunch box. For example sometimes, very rarely a diabetic might be given a sugary snack cake, and the DSP's are suppose to check to make sure they are getting the right food. Many consumers are on special diets, but Earl isn't, and he probably gets two sandwiches instead of one like most of the others do, because he helps out at his home so much, I wouldn't even be suprised if he made his own lunch, because his only disability is deafness. He might have a little learning disability, but he is probably smarter than a lot of my Co-workers.

I Didn't tell the supervisor about her taking the sandwich, but I did go and buy him some food out of the vending machine later on. I really didn't think she has talked to the supervisor about the amount of food, but I didn't want to say anything just in case she did. I try not to cause too much drama, it's something I really hate.

ANyway thanks for the welcome :)

OH LORD, I was getting ...

OH LORD, I was getting PISSED just reading your story!!!!!
who does she think she is???


just like you said, she's NOT a people person and shouldn't be working there! DON'T LET THAT BITCH MESS WITH YOUR SELF ESTEEM!!!
she has her own issues which is why she treats people that way.
tell her she needs to be nicer and NO MATTER what job anyone does around there doesn't make them any LESS of a HUMAN and still should be treated with dignity AND respect!!!

she puts her drawers on they same as anyone else and bleeds like anyone else and she AIN'T no more special than anyone else!!
ESP. working around the type of people you do, she needs to have a LOT more compassion and understanding and a LOT LESS bitterness and hate!

oh, and welcome, by the way...

Wanderlust, it's good to ...

Wanderlust, it's good to have you in the family!

It sounds like this woman emotionally can't handle her environment, and she is transferring that to her peers, of which you are one. However, rather than her seeing you as an assistant, she sees you as a consumer (probably because of your PAST), so she doesn't believe you are entitled to the same courtesy and respect that "REAL" employees receive. WRONG!

This chick must think that you have developmental disabilities, as the others do, and she may realize how distinctly different she treats you. As far as they're concerned, she probably has it in her head that they don't know she's treating them like she does Earl.

You have no worries about being retarded; you sound EXTREMELY intelligent, and you should be given the opportunity to be valued as a FULL EMPLOYEE of the work shop. Your past is your past, and if they're willing to let you "assist," then they should have no qualms about placing you on the payroll.

I think I would have to calmly and gently say something to this lady, though, for my peace of mind. You aren't meant to be anybody's doormat. Keep your chin up, and be confident in yourself! It sounds like you're a well-rounded person with lots to offer anyone!

well, nestle said what I ...

well, nestle said what I would've said...the nice way, LOL.
I was too mad to be nice.

welcome, wanderlust. i ...

welcome, wanderlust.

i hate people that think they own everyone and everything. i say...kick her in the left eye.

nah kick her in both. ...

nah kick her in both. that way she can't see you when you bash her in her mouth

i also work with the ...

i also work with the handicapped, its a stressful enough of a job then to have to deal with someone like that! Ignore her as much as your job allows and focus on the consumers (I hate that term, we have to use it as well).

snowkat has a good ...

snowkat has a good point..........

is she in charge of the ...

is she in charge of the food? is there some "rule" about how much food a person is allowed? if not then you should report her taking the sandwich. if he wants two then he should have two. sounds to me like she doesn't belong there.

btw - welcome to the site,

I hate it when people say ...

I hate it when people say that people are put here on earth for a reason. I'm getting ready to say it - I think the mentally retarded are put here for a reason. I think they are AWESOME and I give hundreds of dollars every year to a facility like the one you work in. They live in the NOW and don't let much get to them. I don't think. The reason I don't know is that I'm not the type that could work around them, so I give money. Do the consumers react to your co-worker? Or do they just go on and not give her much thought? I suspect they don't give her much of a thought. Learn from them, people like her aren't important in the long run. YOU are. YOU are awesome for working in a place like that, and YOU are awesome for having compassion for your consumers!

Rkinnie, I just saw your reply. YOU are awesome as well!!!

Your friend should bring ...

Your friend should bring THREE sandwiches and be sure to take a bite out of one beforehand so he knows which one isn't laced with Visine. Be sure to also have a female friend remove the toilet paper from the womens' restroom. When the bitch takes and eats either or both of the other two you only need to be sure that her supervisor goes to find her for any reason you can think up. That ought to end her time there in a hurry.

I agree with everyone ...

I agree with everyone here!! Don't sell yourself short hon!! Not now and not ever!! That bitch of a person needs to either be talked to and written up..or out the door!!

Regarding the sandwich issue....yeah..I agree that your friend take a bite out of each and every single sandwich he brings to work..and if she decides to take them away for her own fat'll know it from the get go!!

Good luck hon..and God Bless!!

And BTW...welcome to our ...

And BTW...welcome to our room!! :)

Yes, Welcome to this site ...

Yes, Welcome to this site Wanderlust...
We are all full of advice,
and then some are just full of it..LOL