Peoples obsession with bacteria & germs

Not too long ago I saw a mother, although well intentioned, forbid her child to enter the water, even though the E.coli levels were in a descent range. I didn’t think much of it, but just a few days ago, a friend flipped out when a housefly landed on him, stating that it carried with it more than a million bacteria. Rather than trying to explain to a monkey (sorry buddy, but I never really liked you to begin with), how things really work, I decided to dedicate this rant to it.

I used to know a bit about bacteria, as with many useless subjects a writer sometimes finds himself immersed in.

Despite Lysols claim, not all bacteria are toxic, pathogenic and caustic. As with all things, some are good and some are Christians... I mean evil... I mean bad. Now if you throw ca-ca at your friend in a friendly poo-poo fight (don’t ask), that’s bad E.coli.

A fetus is born completely sterile. But immediately acquires all kinds of bacteria, which then live symbiotically with the child until its death. They help it produce vitamins, break down some garbage, and even maintain the atmosphere it needs. Now here comes the biggest misconception. These good bacteria are only found in places in our bodies directly exposed to the environment, like our intestines and respiratory tracts. Ever noticed how animals who are born and raised "germ free", must be kept in a sterile environment, and need lots of vitamin supplements to stay alive. This is because they develop thin intestinal walls, weak hearts and a bad attitude.

Bacteria are old school, being single celled. Were talking billions of years old, sorry creationists, and yes I know this is all the Devil’s trickery. They are responsible for shaping and even maintaining atmospheric oxygen that allows complex life to develop.

Soon, some of them took up residence in other cells, which allowed life to evolve into more complex forms. So they aren’t just part of what you are, but they literally are what you are. You think you own your body, think again. You’re merely renting a small room, and the landlord will evict your sorry ignorant butt if you don’t maintain the place properly.

Ever hear of photosynthesis. Or what about that water bacteria also produces much of the oxygen we breathe. Bacteria are why things decay and finally become nutrients. It promotes faster and healthier growth in a child, who just happen to have more immunity to bad bacteria than all of us to begin with. It even reduces all noxious odors like your most people’s stinky opinions on the matter.

And now onto the famous, dreaded, fundamentalistic (sorry, wrong rant) E.coli.

E. coli within our intestines is necessary for us to develop and operate properly and to remain healthy. It, as well as similar bacteria, makes vitamins so that we can absorb them. And are pretty much responsible for our source of Vitamin K and B-complex.

Take it from a guy who frequently swims at the beach, and isn’t afraid to get his hands dirty. And must admit, enjoy raw meat, being fish or beef, and not that wimpy little sticky rice sushi either. Now get this. I have never been sick! And have never once felt sleepy in the afternoon, except when in school.

Ever notice how unsanitary Chinatown food markets or restaurants can be? Canadians can get poisoned just walking down Somerset, or watching a subtitled movie. So why don’t they get sick from their 2-day exposed chickens? Well it’s because they’re super evolved androids from outer space bent on turning the world into mahjong pieces.

I once saw a 4-year-old Eskimo boy, eat a huge piece of frozen seal during a hunt. Now ask a physician or a nutritionist about that and watch them squirm.

Don’t depend on those in power to dictate what is good or bad. News flash: they’re just as susceptible to wrong opinions as everyone else. Even a physician’s whole basis for being is due to his education, and I think we all know how easily corrupted education can be. Want an example on that, just examine your opinion formulated from what you learned in history class or see in movies. What’s your opinion on the Civil war, Columbus, 911, Pearl harbor, Communism, Thanksgiving, white bread vs. brown bread.

So next time you insist on cooking everything you eat, or carrying around that alcohol that claims to kill 99.9% of all germs and bacteria, consider this.

Still don’t believe me? Try it first, then your opinion will count, and not just something you once read in passing.

With the great advancements in global communications, and the great wealth of knowledge that is the Internet, we can evolve at 100 times the speed, or lose everything because of false opinions and such an easily compromised set of principles. We now hold a greater responsibility than ever before. We are responsible for knowledge itself. Without first developing the skills to fully comprehend and filter this vast expanse of information, the Internet may be the downfall of us yet.


<p>yes, I do believe you ...

yes, I do believe you fit in well here........ interesting little biology lesson, professor

down on religion are we. ...

down on religion are we. hee hee hee. that should start an argument. i am not going to step in that right now but here is my 2 cents on dirt. parents today don't let their kids play in the dirt so said kid doesn't build an immunity as they should and end up allergic. we are being TOO CAREFUL about germs. we need some of them to be healthy.

I agree with mary too, we ...

I agree with mary too, we should be careful BUT don't deprive ourselves of the GOOD LIFE!!
and HELLO and WELCOME, you WILL fit right in!

Personally if my 3 year ...

Personally if my 3 year old can be in her underwear in some dirt/mud she is happier than a pig in shit. And that makes me happy, knowing I can spray her down with the hose!

LOL, great metaphor ...

LOL, great metaphor MNolen. many a time i used a hose on my kids. no, not to beat them (tempting as it may have been) but to spray them down before they came in the house..... i remember one time 36 years ago when my son and nephew were playing out in the front yard. they got their dipers wet playing with the hose so pulled them off. a little while later a cop pulled up to my fence and stood there laughing. when i asked what was so funny he told me that the lady across the street reported "indecent exposure" at this address. can you believe she reported those two babies being butt naked! after that i let them run around sans diaper ALL the time. LOL btw jericho777 welcome to the site.

i totally agree with it all!

i totally agree with it all!

You are a breath of ...

You are a breath of bacteria laden air! LOL. I used to drink water from the garden hose, ate eggs before there was such a thing as egg expiration dates and STILL drink water from the kitchen faucet. I am FINE.

Another peeve of mine is all these people fretting over all the "dangerous" radio waves and cancer causing chemicals that some study has contrived up. A lot of the people who fret over these things have had TOXIC ink permanently injected into their largest organ, their skin.




You're right -- not all ...

You're right -- not all bacteria is bad. Of course, we need to use common sense when we've been exposed to really extreme illnesses. Thanks for the info! Happy Thanksgiving! And welcome!

Love the biology lesson ...

Love the biology lesson and I could not agree more! I was hosed off and scrubbed down more times when i was a child than i can count...lolol. Growing up tomboy will do that. And I was the healthiest kid in town! My daughter was encouraged to get her hands dirty and play outside(no nintendo or tv for her if I could help it) and she is healthy as a horse(sorry Robin, no insult intended)

yeah, I have NO prob with ...

yeah, I have NO prob with my kids getting dirty as long as they wash their hands when they come inside. that's just standard clean practice.