yes, another pic

Mandy mentioned something about pics of the kids in their costumes, so here it is: DJ was a ninja, Danna was Winnie the Pooh and Darian was a graveyard fairy (that's what her costume was called), LOL!


<p>I stretched the pic and ...

I stretched the pic and it made the background look CRAZY! the blinds in the door look all stretched.
I'll also have it on myspace as soon as it DECIDES to upload! I tried it earlier and it said error on all the pics I tried to upload.

I will get mine posted as ...

I will get mine posted as soon as I find my freggin USB cable. They look so cute, Dawn!

They're so cute!!!

They're so cute!!!

a ninja!! LOL. i love it! ...

a ninja!! LOL. i love it!

i saw a child, about 3 years old, dressed as Jason. lol. mask, machete, brought tears to my eyes i was so happy. and hormonal.

I will post my pics up ...

I will post my pics up sometime this weekend. Too tired right now. My daughter was a butterfly princess and my son was a dinosaur. They have got a lot of candy and I won't even eat any of it.