what about this?

she was late, loud and unruly, so they say, but she DIED!?

what do you think about it?

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I think she was not ...

I think she was not mentally stable enough to fly on her own. Her husband, who knew she could get out of control, should have been with her or had someone else fly with her.

What I want to know is why she had to fly to rehab. Why couldn't she go to a program near her home?

If she did die from strangling herself while trying to get out of her cuffs, then I fail to see how anyone but her is at fault. Just my 2 cents.

why was she traveling ...

why was she traveling alone was my first question too. anyone that unstable should have had someone with her. sounds like an accident that could have been avoided. sad for the family.

From everything I saw and ...

From everything I saw and read and heard about it she was late for a plane and running. She only became agitated when a small swarm of security ran up and surrounded her. At THAT point she yelled "I'm not a terrorist!". The news made it seem as if she did it before that point. That would be beyond idiotic and while she may have been late and upset she was not that crazy. Then they shackled her and left her alone. That proves what incompetent worthless thugs they were. It's against all rules to do that with a person who is in such a state. She tried to get loose, so they say, and died in the process. I have to wonder about the security and their role in that since they were doing everything else wrong to her. They did not try to calm her. They treated her as if her life was worth nothing (by leaving her alone in that state). What if she had a more legitimate reason for being so upset and they refused to listen but instead did that to her? And that very well may turn out to be the case if/when the rest of the story comes out. I don't trust the press on this one since they tried to make it sound as if she just came running through the place yelling "I'm not a terrorist!" BEFORE she would have had a reason to do so (the security descending upon her) so I can't trust that they will tell us what really happened that caused her so much distress and don't trust them to fully investigate how she came to die, by her actions or those of the guards.

She hung herself with ...

She hung herself with chains. From what I saw nobody, but her, did anything wrong. She was slobbering drunk, intentionally causing a scene and it was 100% correct of them to arrest her for PI. We don;t nor have we ever, nor WILL we ever babysit people who are in custody by sitting with them for every minute. They should be checked on every few minutes if there are not cameras on them in the holding room. From what I've seen and heard about this incident it's a clear case of suicide due to her choking / hanging herself with the chains. She made a choice. Why does nobody ever want to point the finger at the person who needs the finger pointed at them. SHE was wrong, SHE broke the law, SHE decided she would deal with it by killing herself. Nobody went in there and wrapped the chain around her neck, she did that herself. The finger need only be pointed at her, nobody else. Her family abandoned her when she apparently needed them most. NOW they're all upset ? Whatever.

Slappy--- the guards were ...

Slappy--- the guards were definitely republicans!!!!!!!!!! LOL
Seriously, if I'm getting ready to fly, you can bet your sweet ass I want a strange behaving person put out of action and quick. Make the airport safe then ask questions.