Olive Loaf


'nuff said.

So what's your biggest food beef?

Scrambled eggs with ketchup (a favorite of one of my cousins) used to gross me out (looks like an abortion on a plate) but since I tried scrambled eggs with salsa once I'm over that now.

I also can't stand the thought of fois gras ever since learning how impossibly cruel the geese are treated. A local most highly reknowned french gourmet chef was compelled to take it off his menu after some activists (thank goodness) brought to everyone's attention that he was serving it. Force feeding an animal to the point where they sometimes explode just isn't something that gives me an appetite for the results, it's grotesquely enlarged liver.

I also take offense to going to the market and seeing something like pig snouts, pigs feet, sheep testicles (also known as mountain oysters) or anything else that comes from any other unsavory parts of an animal. It just doesn't seem the least bit sanitary let alone appetizing. In fact, they almost make olive loaf look good!

Fortunately, we don't see any of that garbage around here very much. I also dislike pork rinds. Bush Sr. loved them and I wondered what all the rage was so I tried 'em - YUCK! But I do LOVE broccoli which he hated so that proves he was just rank enough to produce something unhealthy and distasteful like Bush Jr. LOL!. Hey, I'm 20 miles from Wash, DC - Everything, even food, is political. LOL!


I gotta think on this one ...

I gotta think on this one a while, there are so many.

i hate stuffed bell ...

i hate stuffed bell peppers. my mother used to TRY to force me to eat them when i was little. i had to set for hours at the table after everyone had left. i will eat a small amount of cooked peppers on pizza now.

black bananas. how can anyone eat something that looks like that?

buttermilk i admit that i have never tasted it but i my father drank it and the the slime it left on the glass grossed me out.

snails - never tried them and never will - i refuse to eat bugs of any kind.

tried caviar once and found it too salty and fishy tasting

soggy bread of any kind. refuse to taste bread pudding.

stale crackers

btw: i love pork rinds. since i have been on a diet i eat them instead of chips with my sandwichs. no fat and low calorie but still crunchy. hummm

I cannot stand liverwurst. ...

I cannot stand liverwurst. My dad used to eat liverwurst sandwiches, and the smell is enough to throw a dog off a gut wagon. I, too, have an aversion to the "finer parts" of animals, although I understand in some cultures these foods are perfectly acceptable and are even considered normal to some like scrambled eggs would be to me.

My husband's folks used to cook scrambled eggs and pork brains for their kids when they were growing up. There are no words...

Vanilla soy milk is good, ...

Vanilla soy milk is good, and so is eggplant, Walter, and Mary, I make a fabulously GREAT bread pudding, lol! I know, everyone is different.

I have never had eggplant lasagna; I peel my eggplant and slice it thinly, then soak it for a few minutes in water to get some of the bitterness out. Then I just prepare a milk wash and bread crumb coating to dredge it in and fry it up! Yummy!

I absolutely DO NOT like brussel sprouts. I love cabbage, but for some reason I cannot acquire a taste for the baby cabbages.

TGIX, I know you asked what we don't like, but I have to mention some of the things I do like! Cabbage rolls are a favorite also!

We need to do a recipe exchange here. I know a couple of us girls have shared a few recipes, but we really need to do this.

I have never been to Cally or Maryland; don't have any intention of ever going there, but I bet you've got some great regional recipes that I might like to try! And the same for me and Dawn -- great southern recipes from the state of LA.

Here's one for you nestle9 ...

Here's one for you nestle9 - A Baltimore favorite that, as far as I know is indigenous to this area alone -

It's called a "Peppermint stick". It tastes awesome and is easy as can be to make, if you can find them that is. What a treat!

It's not just a peppermint stick (a thick one with a hole through it down the center) but it's stuck right into the middle of a half of a sliced open lemon. You use it like a straw to suck up the lemon juice and it's AWESOME!

We don't call them "peppermint sicks in lemon" or anything like that - just call them plain "peppermint sticks".

At any decent carnival or fair you can get them for a buck or so. And of course they're a cinch to make, IF you can get the right peppermint stick. Naturally, the juicier the lemon the better.

<p>I love brussel spouts, ...

I love brussel spouts, broccoli, carrots, tomatoes, and popcorn.

I hate baked beans (shudders), peas (they remind me of boogers), and the worst meat I ever ate was Buffalo burgers.

I am gulity of the ketch-up on eggs thing. One weird thing i do is put Funyuns in tomato soup! Who else does odd stuff with food?

I LOVE to dip my HOT ...

I LOVE to dip my HOT french fries into a COLD choc shake!!! done it since I was a teen!!!

My mom eats liver cheese, eeewwwww!! she says that way nobody at work bothers her for food when she has that!! LOL!
and hoghead cheese, WTF!!?? it looks like jellied vomit rolled up!

the only veggs I eat are peas, green beans(the fancy cut kind ONLY), broccoli, carrots, corn and greens(spinach, mustard greens). I DON'T eat salad, I don't like dressing, it STINKS! I don't like cold cuts, I'll eat ham or turkey if it's HOT, NOT COLD. I'm VERY picky, can't you tell.

and I have a GREAT dessert ...

and I have a GREAT dessert recipe for what some call "chess squares" or "ooey gooey cake". whatever you call it, IT"S DA BOMB! holla and let me know if you want it. it's so simple! just a few ingredients of a block of cream cheese, eggs, butter, vanilla, 1 box powd. sugar and a box of butter recipe cake mix! I add pecans and choc chips for extra!

My kids eat ANY ...

My kids eat ANY veg..broccoli, spinach(fresh), asparagus, peas, and brussel sprouts! The trick for me is cooking them in butter.......yes, I know it is fatty, but they eat it don't they? The spinach, and brussel sprouts I cook with butter and garlic and a little salt....they will eat that first on their plate, and ALWAYS have seconds. Also, try cutting brussles in half longways, and put some olive oil in a pan with some garlic, and kind of sear them.....they are delicious because the searing in olive oil lets out some of the sugars in them out for a better taste.

I hate liver....of any kind. I won't eat calamari because my husband pointed out that 'I can see the suction cups!'....Never again. I will eat raw oysters by the dozen!!!

TGIX, I have never heard ...

TGIX, I have never heard of that -- it sounds like fun "food!" It's really a peppermint flavored stick stuck in a lemon? How do the flavors taste together? And yes, Dawn, I would like the recipe for your ooey, gooey cake. Mandy, this is probably going to sound strange, but can you buy fresh brussel sprouts, or do they only come frozen? I have only seen frozen ones at the grocery store. Obviously I don't know much about them except that they taste yucky :)

Yes nestle, it really is ...

Yes nestle, it really is just as described and the flavors work perfectly together. It's one of those things you have to try in order to understand. Then you'll want them all the time, at least in the summer. It's a summer kind of thing.

That's OK Walter, you can make your claims there and we Baltimorons will make ours. I used to think it was just a Dad thing (my Dad that is) that would give directions like "When you get the Gulf gas station you've gone too far" so I'd Forever be making U-Turns! Turns out, it's a Baltimore thing someone tells me. I thought it was just him! THEN, I hear "No, it's a Pittsburgh thing" (and Pittsburgh is a LOT like Baltimore in Many ways (size, racial make up, each was a steel town, about the same ages, both are Big supporters of the arts...) Anyway, it's OK for it to be our thing and their thing. And if you're every trying to get to either place, just drive until you get to Delaware and then you'll know you've gone too far and passed it. LOL!

You can buy them fresh in ...

You can buy them fresh in bigger towns, mine has a population of 5,500, so no, only frozen here.