it's my turn...again

OK, so I'm driving around doing my errands today and a few things started to bug me:

people who LEAVE their trash cans out ALL THE TIME!!  I mean, really, garbage isn't picked up EVERY DAY!!  Wed. and Sat. over here folks!!!  and then had the nerve to have the can out so far from the curb where you had to drive AROUND IT!!  one of those big cans with the flip top lid!!!


Next, people who don't close their car doors all the way...COME ON you GOTTA know it's still open, a light on the dashboard tells you!!!  I saw 2 people driving like this just these past 2 days.  They're just as bad as those people who forget to close their gas tank cover and drive around while their gas is evaporating!!! 


people who DON'T straighten their wheels AFTER parking!!!  I hate that.  If I see any car like that, I WON'T park next to them cuz I can just imagine them racing out to leave and hitting my car cuz the wheels were turned!  my husb used to leave MY wheels like that until I nagged him enough about it! 

I MAY add things to this list today if I remember something else!


the lady across the street ...

the lady across the street from me does that and it really bugs me. a few times i moved them for her then she told me she does it so that people won't park in front of her house!

These peeve me, too. I ...

These peeve me, too. I also had the pleasure of going to my 8:00 class this morning -- I was the first one there -- while anemia Andy sat and ate his ice. A sledgehammer doesn't make that much noise. I enjoy eating ice, but I know how it gets on people's nerves, so I am VERY careful to only do it a little or not at all, and I generally go away from folks to do it. There were only 5 of us in the class when he started doing this, and I started laughing quietly to myself because I think the black girl he sat by, as well as the rest of us, were just about ready to beat the crap out of him. Thankfully, some talkers came in and covered up the sound of his crunching.

LOL, anemia andy!!!!

LOL, anemia andy!!!!

i was at a gas station one ...

i was at a gas station one night with a friend and we saw a girl pull up to a pump. shes was probably in her mid-late teens. blonde, of course. a few minutes later we see her pull away...with the hose still attached to the gas tank. she was starting to drive off with the hose dragging behind!! it was freakin hilarious! she had to go inside and get the gas attentant to help figure out what to do. by then we were due to leave (it was about 1am and i had work in the morning). we took a pic on her cell phone. i wonder if she still has it.

for real!!! I GOTTA see that!!

for real!!! I GOTTA see that!!