Howdy Peevers!!

I just wanted to drop by and say HELLO to all the peevers that I miss... which is everyone except TGIX. I also figured I would give you an update on my car search.

I am going to pick up my Brand New 2008 Chevy Equinox LS tonight. It's an AWD, and I got a good deal on it. I'm glad I'm finally getting, as my dad has been a ROYAL pain during all of this. He's the type of person to buy 8 cars that equal the price of one brand new one, and they will combined last not as long as the new one. Luckily my mom has purchased a brand new car from a dealer so I kinda have her "on my side" so to speak. It's not really on my side, but when he says "I wouldn't do it" I have her saying "I have done it".

As for financing, I have AWESOME parents that are helping me out. They had offerered to pay for the car in whole, and me pay them back, but I want to use this opportunity to help build my credit. I am getting a loan for half the cost, and then a loan from them for the other half. I haven't decided if I will go through the bank or dealer, I have to ask the dealer if there is a penalty for paying it off early, and if not then I will go through him. Believe it or not he is cheaper then my bank!!

Wish me luck everyone, and I will post pictures as soon as I can, maybe tomorrow. It's crazy, they are letting me take it home and I haven't paid them ANYTHING. I'm full of all sorts of emotions right now! This is my first BRAND new car, and the only other thing I bought "brand new" for ME was my computer. So I'm really happy.

It's amazing how far I've come since I left the house across the street from the crack heads!


congrats AK and great to ...

congrats AK and great to "see" you again. we miss you! oh you lucky person. i have never had a brand new car! come back and post a picture for us.

Awww, how nice. Love ...

Awww, how nice.

Love you too AK! :-)

LOL, TGIX!!! and I think ...

LOL, TGIX!!! and I think conana wanted one of them too...well I have a new Tahoe so I'm with you with the Chevy's!! GOOD for YOU!!! I remember that feeling of having my first new car!!!

Good for you AK..You ...

Good for you AK..You deserve something new for yourself.
And its good to see you on here..HUGS

ooh, congrats! youre ...

ooh, congrats! youre getting the car i want! and nice to hear from you again. :)

Hey, AK!!! We've missed ...

Hey, AK!!! We've missed you! I'm so glad you're finally getting your new vehicle! And you are blessed to have parents willing to help you!