My Boss!!

Ok, so I am LOVING my new job, but my boss is an idiot!! He doesn't do much, if anyhting! He is rarely in the office, and is usually running around. I haave to get his "OK" before I order anything or buy anything that we might need if it is over $100. Well today, he was no where to be found, so I just kept trucking ordering stuff. I called to get the P.O.'s and placed orders and coordinated shipping, got price quotes, and took the city credit card and truck to walmart and got supplies for the guys that he would never say yes or no I sais yes to all of it. We had a party for a guy leaving for Iraq at the city hall, and so we all went up there. My boss has not been seen all day, but he was there. I told him what I bought, and at first he said " You should have ordered that from Bryan, not Austin, cause I could have picked it up." I reply "It's being shipped." "Oh" was all he said. So then I told him I ordered all the pipes the Water Department needed, and he asks me if I called around to get the lowest price. I told him that there were 5 quote sheets on his desk, and I ordered the cheapest one, delivery will be next Wednesday. Oh! He said again. Well he didn't talk to me the rest of the party. That was fine, but we got back to the office, he asked why I was trying to make him look bad. I told him, I was just trying to tie up loose ends, and get the stuff done so we could start the project. I guess he didn't realize I am not just gonna sit there and do NOTHING!! Hell someone has to do what he isn't, right?? Isn't that what I am there for????


<p>hey Jen, sounds like ...

hey Jen, sounds like your boss is just a waste of space...why the hell is she still there, she doesn't DO ANYTHING!

and Mandy you go girl, you're getting things done!! in the job for only a couple of weeks and runnin things...!!!

i have had some bad bosses ...

i have had some bad bosses in the past but have a great one now. i have been here for 15 years and do what i want when i want. he has come in while i have been checking something on the internet and never says a word. he knows that i always get my work done first and trusts me to do my job. the poor man has no idea how to run this office and hates it when i go on vacation. now he is not perfect, he does have one thing that really bugs me. - no, no there are two. 1. he is always losing things. i have learned to keep "backups" when i give him stuff. 2. he expects me to perform miracles. once i had 2 days notice that he was going to have a booth at a clean air expo and he wanted me to create all the handouts etc! do any of you know how much work goes into setting up a good booth? LOTS! he did another show and a week before he left he asked me to create a website! i had never done one but he wants it up on the internet in time for the show. i did it and it turned out pretty good, but was i stressed trying to get it done. i don't mind learning new things and doing that kind of stuff i just wish that he would give me more time to do them.