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I know we've all complained, many times before, about the automated answering systems almost all companies use today, and how annoying they are. Someone sent me this link to gethuman . This website lists over 500 companies in a variety of categories (credit, automotive, government, products, internet, etc). It gives their telephone #'s, what to press to get thru to human, their e-mail addresses and also ranks their customer service. Only a handful of companies rate A's or B's, the majority, as you might guess from experience, rate F's--nevertheless, regardless of the grading, it's good to know how to bypass the automated systems and get human.

So, bookmark this website and check it out the next time you need customer service.


I've been using it for ...

I've been using it for awhile, thanks for the reminder!

That's very useful. Thank ...

That's very useful. Thank you!

In my PDA (a Palm Pilot) I keep phone numbers for businesses I call most, or decide to make an entry or because I may need to call back in the future sometime, and I include the prompts that will take me to a human. It helps save soooo much time.

gethuman's ratings seem true in most cases by my experiences. The phone companies are ironically enough the Worst. The insurance companies are bad but if you have your local branch, your agent's number, that is not the case - at least not with mine. And I noticed Comfort Inn got an A - my experience is that this rating is right on. Lowe's however is never a problem when I call my local store and they were rated F. Home Depot on the other hand is a store I never call, never order from online and never ever visit in person (haven't for several years even though there's one a few short miles away and the next hardware store of any kind is 20 miles away until a new Lowe's opened, I was ALWAYS going Anywhere but to Depot. Dish Network is pretty terrible but you need to call your local representative and they aren't usually much good here either, in fact one will tell you to call the other and then the other will point you back to the first. Apple Computer is not an F as listed. They are a Z, or a double or triple Z if such a rating existed. And I LOVE the computers, I just DESPISE their customer service. UPS is no F at all once you get the right local service center number.

The best thing to do, I have found, is when you call the main number and they transfer you to the local number Don't ASK - TELL Them you want that number in case you are disconnected since it took a zillion prompts on the keypad to get this far and you are not able to wait that long again if disconnected. BUT, before you do even that, be as polite and friendly sounding as possible, really just as if you want to send a compliment to their boss for their wonderful service, and GET THE NAME AND/OR ID NUMBER OF THE PERSON YOUR ARE SPEAKING WITH. That way, once they know you could complain about them, they are FAR less likely to say "Ok, I'll transfer you over there right now, please hold" and hang up. That is PRECISELY what many of them do because they know there are no consequences for their actions and in fact they are even REWARDED for getting you off the line faster so they can "handle" more calls per hour.

GREAT, I'll remember that!

GREAT, I'll remember that!


Thanks for the heads up!!

The only thing it doesn't do is steer us from overseas human beings that don't speak a word of clear English..

" namez is cin I hep yoo todayz?"