Driver's license people!!!!!


OK, I'm originally from Georgia and moved to Tennessee where my husband is from....he says he's NEVER heard this before BUT, it was very commom in GA. People there RELIGIOUSLY refer to a single object, a singular item commonly known as a driver's license as THEM!! What the EF is THAT all about? I mean , HELLO it's ONE FREAKIN THING STUPID ASS CLOWN!!!!!!!!!!!!

 Why, when I lost my driver's license at a local bar, would my friend call me and say " Hey this is Donna, Larry found your LICENSES out in the parking lot so I just wanted to let you know that I'm going to put THEM in your mailbox." What is this all about? I'm telling you anyone who calls an IT a THEM should be removed from the freakin gene pool!!! Good God people!!!!!!!!!!!!! Someone please offer an explanation for this. Help, anyone? Yes, I know you're going to say, you're from Georgia so go ahead and move one and offer a real explanation, not some gay come back!!!!!!!


Here in Louisiana that's a ...

Here in Louisiana that's a common thing to hear. I believe the use of both "c" and "s" makes people think that the word naturally has another "s" on the end. If they would take the time to learn the correct spelling of the word, they probably would find themselves correcting it from "licenses" to "license."

Other than just plain ignorance, I don't have any other opinion to offer -- sorry!

And hey, have we met before? I'm nestle9, and it's good to have you here at Peeves!!

Yeah, it's crazy I woke up ...

Yeah, it's crazy I woke up last night and I must have had some sort of annoying dream and I woke up with that bothering me! It's always been a huge annoyance to me but for whatever reason, I lie there thinking there has got to be someone else in this universe that it bothers other than me! So, I thought since I'm now not one of the "slowsky's" I'm gonna do some research when I get home because SURELY there has to be a website dedicated to pet peeves! Thank GOD! It's funny, today I told my boss, I might as well just accept that most people are FN stupid and ignorant and maybe I would be much happier!!!! Thanks for replying to my post. We had our internet taken away at work because there are SOME people, that I won't mention, OK HER NAME IS SANDY, you drug it out of me..............that abused our internet priviledges so I can't check until I get home from work and sometimes I don't even get on the internet when I get home cuz I'm too tired, but ANYWHO, I'll check back tomorrow!! Ya know what? I bet the fact that I said ANYWHO is someone's pet peeve......FUNNY!!!!

well, i agree with nestle9 ...

well, i agree with nestle9 about the c&s but have never heard it called "them" odd. btw: welcome to the group.

I KNOW isn't that the ...

I KNOW isn't that the oddest thing you've ever heard....well one of the oddest.........another odd thing is people who say "supposebly" instead of "supposedly" I mean come on people.... there's no freakin "B" in that word!!!!!!! Oh LORD, I have found a place to vent!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks for the welcome to the site!!!!!!!! :)

Correct Language Nazi I am

Thanks for your post freddiesmama as I can think of many that just simply drive me crazy:

I aksed you a question. asked me a question

My husband is the worst:

She don't like that; I ain't got none; I went up to the store and got me some; Got up the road some; Got some o that stuff you was talking about;

Those are just a few and they drive me nuts. Instead of correcting him I'll just reply back, "She doesn't like that?; You went to the store and brought what?; "You went up the road?"; and You got me the things I was talking about?"

Don't really want to create an argument as he's an intelligent man..just tends to talks back woods all the time..he just honestly forgets he's talking that way..LOL!!

yeah, same here, ...

yeah, same here, welcome!!! and I agree TOTALLY about supposedly and the license thing, although I have NEVER heard it called a "them" before and I live in New Orleans but I'm sure NOW I'll begin to hear it all the time!!!

ive never heard anyone ...

ive never heard anyone refer to it as licenses or them. perhaps us chicagoites are just edumacated. :-D

Depends where you live..

Down South people pronounce the word police.."POlice and say INsurance where we in the Midwest say poLICE and inSURANCE.


hahahahha ...

hahahahha edumacated!!!!!!!!! I thought I was probably one of the few people who use "edumacated"!!! Love it! Growing up in the south you hear a LOT of crap that you joke about but people really say this shit!!! How about a "sterning wheel" in a car. WTFOMG!!! The thing about supposebly is that I work with a girl who has the weirdest FN accent I've ever heard in my life and she thinks she's all that because she has a "dugruuee" US that know the english language that is AKA a "degree".........but she says supposebly........I really want to kick her ass. I love this place!! Petpeeves will be a regular daily check in for me! I'll keep you posted on my daily rants and raves! We're all in this together........most of the population needs to get the F&*^ out of the gene pool! Have a happy valentines day everyone! :)


I have a friend that constantly says the word pencil wrong, She says penciple...

Must be a cross between a pen and a!!