*sigh* I HATE my job

OK, hate is such a "strong" word. It's not hate as much as there is a VERY strong DISLIKE of it. It's turned out to be NOTHING like I thought it would be. I'll TRY to keep it short but probably NOT! LOL!! I KNOW that I've never worked in a nursery before so I expected there to be SOME challenges there, BUT FIRST, I am NOT doing the job I was hired for, which is administrative/computer/clerical type work and I haven't done it since DAY ONE back on Jan. 8. I believe that THIS is the MAIN reason why I don't like it...cuz I'm NOT doing my OWN job...NOBODY is...there's no one to answer the phones, or greet any people that some in looking for info, or sign for packages. I went to work yesterday and the UPS man was waiting in the lobby cuz no one was there to sign his packages and the door is locked in the lobby to get into the building for safety reasons..you need a code to get in which all workers and parents have their own code.

SECOND, since I'm NOT doing my regular job, I am watching kids because they don't have enough help in the classes. HIRE some people!! People NEED jobs out here!

THIRD, they were ONLY giving me TWO days a week to work, I mean GET REAL, I waited TWO MONTHS for them to open and they only give me TWO days a week to work??!! this week was the FIRST week I worked every day, 10am-5pm and one day 12-5pm.

FOURTH, MOST of the time I'm in the infants room, 11 months and under, which is OK IF we had the necessary TOOLS to do our job!!! we have to run hot water over the bottles to heat them up, THAT IS IF we GET hot water, which yesterday we had NONE! Not to mention all the WATER we're wasting! the director actually said that she NEVER heated bottles for all her SIX kids and served them room temp! YEAH RIGHT! we have 3 babies there 3 months old, the others are a little older, you think they want room temp bottles!!?? NOT to mention the GAS it will give them!!! MOST of the kids don't drink it UNLESS it's warm!!! SO I, myself, made the decision to go and heat up the bottles in the microwave and OF COURSE I got in trouble for it! I'm NOT stupid, I have THREE kids and used the microwave for them and I know to SHAKE the bottles to get rid of any "hot" spots in the milk to not burn the kids. But I was told that it's against state regulations to do that! WELL, give us what we need!!! we have been asking for a bottle warmer! I told the parents of these kids to complain cuz if they hear it from THEM, then maybe they'll do something! We also have only ONE swing, HELLO, it's a nursery with BAB(IES), more than one!!! we were told they HAVE another swing since LAST week but it needs to be put together!! HELL, let ME take it home and I'll put it together and bring it back so we can use it! we have 4 SPOILED ROTTEN kids in there who ALWAYS want to be held and are ALWAYS CRYING and we need the swing!! WHAT are these parents doing to these kids?? and when we ask them about why they only want to be held, they say "OH, I don't know, we don't do it at home..." YEAH BULLSHIT!! I have never seen babies CRY for no reason just out the blue, EVEN when they sleep!!! and the minute you pick them up they SHUT UP!!??

and the other classes, mainly the 2yr olds, there are these 2 little girls who NEVER sleep for naptime! they don't sit still, they don't listen, it makes you wanna SLAP them, but we have cameras watching us so... BUT I really wonder NOW more than ever before, WHAT kind of parents are raising these kids, I mean, you talk to them, tell them to do something and it's like talking to a brick wall, they look at you and keep doing what they want to do!! it's like they PURPOSELY ignore you and they're looking RIGHT at you!!! THEN, when you GET UP to go to them you have to take them by the hand and MAKE them do it!!! and that was in the 3yr old room!!! there are a few good ones but MOST are HORRIBLE! and they ALWAYS pick ME to relieve that teacher for lunch while I watch her BAD ASS kids!!!

Sorry, this was so long, but I've been SO tired from work at night to post lately and my OWN patience has been short with MY kids after dealing with those little BRATS all day long. and David asked me why I didn't want to be a teacher back when we got out of college....THIS IS WHY!!!! I am SO ready to quit, I'm waiting to hear back some things on 3 other jobs, hopefully SOON!!!


yeek, sorry about that. i ...

yeek, sorry about that. i hate when you start a new job with a specific duty (hehe i said duty) and you end up doing everything but. maybe once they hire more people it will get better. i think its a little silly to waste water rather than using the microwave but whatever. like you said, at least have a bottle warmer. *hugs*

It sounds like they still ...

It sounds like they still weren't quite ready to open. How could they have been approved if they're having water problems? Have the owners been licensed? I can see why you have little patience left for your own family! I hope things improve for ya!

Damn girl! Sounds like ...

Damn girl! Sounds like terrible days for you! The sooner you can land another position where you actually get to DO what they hired you for .. the better. Good luck!!

sounds to me like that ...

sounds to me like that place needs to be reported, water problems & not enough trained staff looks like a major problem. you should find yourself another job asap because those people are bad news.

<p>it's a NICE place ...

it's a NICE place really it is, we just don't have the proper tools to do the job efficiently!! there are cameras in every room for monitoring in house and over the internet for parents.

when I find out the website, I'll give it to you and maybe you can see me in ACTION!! LOL!!