? for non-religious peevers....


Just wondering what the opinions were of my fellow peevers who are non-religious.

Being that you are either non-religious, or don't beleive in the bible....what is your opinion about:

1-moment of silence in schools

2-Under god in the pledge & on our currency

Most people who I know that aren't religious don't have a problem with any of the above. In fact, I don't know anyone religious or not that does have a problem with it. I find it odd and upsetting that there are very very very few that are throwing temper tantrums about it, yet they are getting their way. I thought majority ruled, not those that cry the loudest.


I don't have a problem ...

I don't have a problem with either. I find a moment of silence isn't really a religious thing, it's more of a respect thing. It's the time that you think about the reason you are having that moment.

As for "Under God" and "In God we trust" I think it's BS that people want to change it. That is how the country was founded, it was a decision many many years ago, and it's not something we should change. Kinda like... "fabric of our society" and the "foundation" on which we were built. I don't think it should change after it's been done this way for so many years.

I AM however sick of people giving in to the people that bitch about this kind of stuff. There is no reason to bitch about it. People need to leave things in place how they are, why change it? There is no good reason. It's part of being in America, like baseball and apple pie, although I don't like baseball...

<p>I don't have a a ...

I don't have a a problem with a moment of silence, I see it as a matter of respect and not a religious rite.

I happen to think that "In God we Trust" was meant to be a generic term so I'm not bothered by it at all.

i agree with all about ...

i agree with all about that. am all about a moment of silence. its respect for the person/people that are no longer with us.

in God we trust is something, like bunnie said, we were founded with. thats like any other country taking away a tradition from the old days because a some people didnt like it. its just stupid to even consider.

mad, that doesnt sound too ...

mad, that doesnt sound too far fetched. i can almost see it now.

well, I say, if it ain't ...

well, I say, if it ain't broke, don't try to fix/change anything!!!

If we'd all go back to the ...

If we'd all go back to the basics of this country...maybe we could bring things around. It's sort of like the book, "Everything I Learned in Life..I Learned in Kindergarden"

If you don't like what the "Joneses" do...don't do what they do.

If you don't like prayer..don't pray. Let everyone else pray around you. You don't like the Pledge of Allegience? Then stand there and plan your shopping list while the rest of us say it. Don't like someone singing, "God Bless America?" Again..sit there and plan your day and don't bitch cos you don't like it.

This has become an "all about me" society. People think that if they bitch enough about what this country is founded on..we'll stop doing it.

And my question is..."Why should we?" or a better question, "Why do we??"

This country has a sick sense of pleasing minorities. They can worship anyway they want to..but WE can't.

Why do WE have to adapt?? We're the ones who's forefathers founded this country. And our forefathers came from EVERYWHERE..standing next to their neighbors..and working hard for what they HAD in the good ol' US of A!!

I wish the hell we'd get a President in office who won't put up with this bullshit. If you're in America and reap the benefits here...do as the Americans do..and if you don't like it...GET OUT!!

I am not religious at all, ...

I am not religious at all, but I think there is nothing wrong with the pledge of allegiance. We all grew up with it and it harmed none of us. It's not like I heard the pledge and decided to become a super Christian and if that's what these people who are so against God are afraid of then they should forget about it.

People who have faith and are religious will continue to have faith and be religious. People who aren't won't.

As someone who isn't religious, I admire those who have faith.

There was a famous french philosopher who said "It's better to believe and be wrong than to not believe and be wrong." - I think that is the best way ever to look at the proof of God and religion