I'm not sure if that's the right word for it, but here goes. My coworker had a job that he wanted to bid. His superior told him NOT to bid the job. He bid the job anyways, and now we have the project. He was told that he was in charge of all the design work being he bid it after being instructed not to. He does not have the qualifications to design, but the person with the qualifications does not work with the type of system being installed. Mistake #1 - bidding something you were told not to.
So then it came down to my drafting the plans. I was patient being it was his first time doing this, but he had no clue what he was doing, or how to do it. He kept saying "well you know how to do this" and I kept explaining "No, I don't, I just draw what is handed to me". I don't know how systems work, or spacing requirements, or part numbers, or wiring information. I am handed a piece of paper and I draw what is on it. Mistake #2 - thinking I know things I am not paid to know, or went to school to learn.
Yesterday I got a call from the Fire Marshall (luckily a former coworker) who had MAJOR problems with the plans. He knew it wasn't my fault, but wanted to let me know the issues so they could be taken care of. I wrote them all down, and left a note for the coworker that he needed to see me. This morning I came in and saw him and said "You need to get with me so we can correct these plans". He has not gotten with me. I have been having allergy problems and wanted to get it done before I took my meds, but he left and did not sit down to figure this out. Mistake #3 - pissing off the person that can save your ass, the same person that is now loopy on meds and worthless.
One of the issues the Fire Marshall had was that when the plans were submitted, there was no product information (cut sheets). Coworker just called my superior and asked him to tell me to print these off for him. I just went to see my superior and asked him "Did he tell you where they are or am I doing an internet needle-in-the-haystack search". He told me to talk to this coworker when he gets in. Now again, I do not work with products or in the field. All smoke detectors look the same to me, and some heat detectors look like smoke detectors to me. It's not my job or responsibilty to be able to tell them apart, it's my job to draw where they go on a floor plan. Mistake #4 - ASSuming people know things that are above and beyond their level.

I'm just furious. I have tried and tried to maintain my cool with this guy on this project, but it's just getting to be more and more of a headache (on top of the sinus one I already have). I have tried to explain things to him on what HE needs to give me and he always says "chill out, we can figure this out". I just want to say "No, YOU need to figure it out as that is what YOUR job as a designer is, my job title says Drafter". So there's an hour left in the day, not near enough time to get this all done, and he's still not here. I hope he doesn't expect anything when he gets here! Thank god it's a long weekend.

Hey wait - I have to add this now that I've done some thinking... It IS a long weekend, and he SHOULD have come to see me today! The more days that pass, the farther the items the Fire Marshall said get from my brain. Yes I wrote them down, but I was on the phone and wrote short little notes, no major details.  So then... Mistake #5- Not doing things when they are fresh in someones head!


Well, to me this sounds ...

Well, to me this sounds like a major liability issue. Frankly, this guy knows nothing of what is supposed to be taking place, and, as such, if you are going to do all of his work, you should receive a nice, fat bonus.

I don't understand how your superior is okay with this. I hope your butt doesn't get burned by this, bunnie.

I agree. Thing is, if ...

I agree.

Thing is, if you don't know anything about what this guy is doing..why take the heat for what he doesn't know??

I agree with nestle9....and in my opinion..the guy obviously lied in his interview..

Bottom line..it's NOT your job to cover his ass without putting YOURS on the line in the process.

Snowbunnie, this sounds ...

Snowbunnie, this sounds like a situation where it is imperative that you cover YOUR ass and let him worry about his. Put all your communication with him in writing and demand that he respond in writing, so that you will have a record (even taping conversations with him if necessary).
Guess at nothing and do only what is included in your job description. He got himself into the situation, it is not your job to bail him out. If necessary also lay it on the line with your superior that you are not taking any responsibility for anything that is not your job. If your company becomes liable because of mistakes this jerk makes and they let him make, you want to be able to say that beyond following instructions you had no part in it.

ouch. thats a crummy ...

ouch. thats a crummy situation. i hope this works out well for you and im sorry you have to go through this crap to get there all because some a-hole cant figure out when to listen to his boss.

My butt isn't getting ...

My butt isn't getting burned, he is the one that has to deal with the Fire Marshall in the end. The Fire Marshall is a former employee, and that's the only reason he called me to let me know of the changes. If it was any other FM they would have called him, or his superior (whose name is on the drawings). Really, if anyone needs to be covering their ass it's his superior. I don't have a license, so I don't have anything they can take away from me.

My boss and my superior know my limits of what I can do legally. Plus, I always tell people "that's not in my job description" when they ask me to do something outside of my realm for a project. I make it known that I know what I am paid to do, and that's what I'll do. I don't mind helping out here and there, but not anything that puts us legally in a different standpoint. I'm not paid enough to put my ass on the line.

If the company was to be sued, it would never fall back on me, only on the people that have a license. That's the perk of being the drafter, I just put what they drew with their hand on the computer and that's all. This guy is just in for a rude awakening when we get to work on this and he finds out I didn't do anything. Legally, I can't do anything - I don't have a license to design, and I don't know how to design. And legally, he isn't supposed to be designing either - which the FM was sure to mention to me. I told the FM to discuss that with the employee himself.

I just hope when this hell-project is over he learns NOT to bid something he was instructed not to. His superior and I do lunch often, and he had mentioned that he was PISSED off that the job was bid. Because in the end, it's his license and reputation on the line. The FM knew when looking at those drawings that it wasn't the superior that did them. There was too much obvious stuff wrong and too much basic project stuff missing (product cut sheets). We never have problems, and if we do they are only minor things that don't need to be corrected - just mental notes for next time.

On the other hand, the OTHER FM gave me a compliment today... She told the other department that I have amazing drawings and that she has yet to find a mistake. Hence, another reason my ass is covered! Oh yeah, plus if they fire me they have to hire two people at my rate to do things as fast and accurate as I do them.

AKsnowbunnie..you're a ...

AKsnowbunnie..you're a sweetheart but!!

All I can say is that it's not your responsibility to save his job!!

Did he lie in his interview?

Of course we all feel bad about someone that can't do their job the way they promised to do it when they were hired but...

Again..it's really not your problem..and bless your heart for making it that way...but....................you're not going to be able to save his job..try as you might...

Hugs to you sweetie!! Everybody should wish for a coworker like you!!