Yeah... it's bad

Now this is just AVERAGE for the entire state. Right now in town we're up to $3.90, and I hear out in the villages they're up past $5.00.

When are we going to open ANWAR??? I also think we should have some refineries up here too! I mean it's a total waste to get the oil from here, ship it to the lower 48, turn it into gas, then ship it back. I think it would lower our prices, and maybe some of yours, if we had a refinery up here to do the work. Then it wouldn't be shipped as far!


the same gas station that ...

the same gas station that i got gas 2 days ago for 4.08 is now 4.16 today.

WHY won't they open ...

WHY won't they open anwar??? WTF are they saving it for???

They won't open ANWAR ...

They won't open ANWAR because all the bunny lovers are concerned that it will harm the animals up north, and they seem to think there are mountains and beautiful scenery up there too. Problem is, none of the bunny lovers have ever been up there to see it. It's a desolate wasteland of snow covered tundra. And the animals, well it didn't change when the pipeline went in, so it won't change by putting in another one. Only thing that MIGHT change is that now the Caribu will have more then one place to have their young.

come on people this is no ...

come on people this is no longer the 60's. stop worrying about making love and peace and harmony! we need to worry about this economy and the fact that wages aren't going up while all the costs of living are! Its getting down to the point where we will soon be the poor third world country that people are sending donations to instead of Africa and places like that!

well if it's nothing but ...

well if it's nothing but snow and wasteland then do whatever we need to do!!!

Here's some links.. What ...

Here's some links.. What ANWAR looks like, notice how flat it is:

Now here is what the bunny lovers make you think it looks like up there:

Notice the difference? Now of course people would say "Do not drill there" when they believe it looks beautiful and there are just milllions of animals everywhere. But that's because they are shown this beauty and all these animals. Yes, Alaska has this, but not where we want to drill. These people have never been there, yet they claim these mountains are there. What is tundra? Tundra is a frozen swamp.

Now take these last photos, of oil refineries already built. Does it appear to be bothering any animals due to it's location? No - why not? Because animals don't live in the swamp. Notice too, there are no mountains in these pictures either!

I wish all the animal lovers and enviro-nuts out there would do some research to see what ANWAR really does look like before claiming we're going to be interrupting the "Beautiful scenery and abundance of animals" and listening to the crazy Animal-Friend federations that are spreading these lies.

In spite of the fact that ...

In spite of the fact that I usually vote Democratic (so see, it's not really a partisan issue), I have long been a supporter of tapping the resources available in ANWAR, and in other areas of the US that are currently off-limits due to environmental concerns. I agree that much of the time the potential harm is over-exaggerated; I base this assessment on my background in science and ecology (former science teacher!). I do support the exploration and development of alternative forms of energy since oil will eventually run out, but the average American needs some IMMEDIATE relief from the exorbitant gas prices we are now paying. We should be working towards those alternative forms of energy, but until they're in place we will need oil. God Bless Alaska and her caribou (and AKsnowbunnie, too), but I think they'll survive us drilling in ANWAR.



ooh, bunnie, nice ...

ooh, bunnie, nice evidence.

i would LOVE to go to alaska, though. that is just gorgeous! i want to take one of those cruises. ill see if i can find a picture of what resembles the neighborhood that I get to stare at on a daily basis.

All I can say is what I ...

All I can say is what I keep on saying:

"Corporate greed is gonna kill the best of them moneywise, and before too long..we'll all be standing on the soup lines....TOGETHER!!"