Pay Attention Drivers!

So I have been giving into temptation lately and eating fast food. It's just sooo yummy. Today, I was on my way to BK when I had the stupid driver of the year near me.

We are heading north, me in the right lane of the left turn lanes, her in the lane to my right which goes straight. In the middle of the intersection she decided she needed to be right where I was (illegal move - can't change lanes in an intersection). She doesn't care though, and cuts me off, almost hitting me. So of course I flip her off. Not because I was cut off, but because she pulled an illegal move.

We turn left. I am in the far right lane, her in the lane to my left. She slows down, and suddenly is moving into my lane. I decided "Screw this loony" and sped up to get in front of her. There she is, looking BACK at me, about 4" in my lane, flipping me off. Also, her car had this stupid "In Memory Of So-and-so" crap on the back window, they do that up here - I have never seen it anywhere else. I think it's just ANNOYING, and apparently made it too hard for her to drive AND flip me off...

HELLO? You broke the law by changing lanes, now you aren't even looking where you are going..... do you not understand why you were getting the finger from me? Not only did she screw up once, but she screwed up a second time, almost instantly!! I flipped her back and then she sped off. All I could think was "Damn I wish I was a cop".


ive seen those "in memory ...

ive seen those "in memory of..." things here, too. i think its stupid. no offence if someone here has one. but whats the point of putting it on your car for everyone who doesnt know the person nor care, to see it? and that lady needs more than just the bird to show her she did wrong. hopefully she will get pulled over soon and it will turn out shes an illegal alien without a license or insurance and has to go back to her home country.

Those "in memory of" are ...

Those "in memory of" are all over in my area. A lot of educated people are into NASCAR, but unfortunately so are a lot of bubbas and bubettes. Really, there a lot of Larry the Cable Guy types and they are not acting!!!!!!!!!!!
As for drivers--- and I bet Dawn will back me up on this--- right after Katrina the drivers here were so polite and law abiding. It lasted about a year, then all hell broke loose and it was the Indy 500 again.

<p>If that was all that ...

If that was all that happened here on a drive of any length to anywhere that would be considered the exception, one excellent trip without the usual.

Forbes magazine just rated the traffic here as the worst in the entire country. That's no news to us though. The U.S. Congress said the same thing a few years back and we all live it every time we go anywhere every day so nobody at all needs to tell us!

We also have those "in memory of" stickers and they are obnoxious. I can't stand the crosses with flowers in the median strips and along the shoulders either. Sorry your family member died, truly I am, but DON'T go being all dangerous by parking out there (as you surely did) in an "emergency ONLY stopping" area (like most or all of route 95 is around here) and place objects that could be at the least a nuisane (they are pollution, plastic flowers and Teddy bears etc.) and worse yet distracting (an outright danger to LIVING drivers who we don't want to also die by wrecking because they were looking at your little shrine) and at worst a direct threat to anyone who's car happens for whatever reason to leave the road and hit that stake of wood causing perhaps more damage like a gas tank to rupture and catch fire burning their body to a torturous death! Those are REAL threats and the dead person who's shrine that is? They're still dead and aren't going to be coming back and the shrine serves NO positive purpose whatsoever!! NONE!!! It IS a danger. It IS illegal. I just don't understand how people think that simply because their loved one died that they can go around endangering the lives of others by doing things that are against the law. It boggles my mind. OK, a flower or ribbon tied to a tree perhaps, once, that's IT though! Do it once on the anniversary of their death if you Must but to go out there maintaining a perpetual shrine because you need the attention (and that is all it is, all about getting attention, like some immature little child) that's so much more than just silly and harmless. It could KILL someone else! It could kill some person 100000% innocent in the death your loved one who you think you have some extra special rights to honor by placing a dangerous object in a place where it could harm or kill those innocent other folks.

drivers...polite...NOT ...

drivers...polite...NOT HERE!!! they STILL run lights...I see someone run a red light EVERY DAY in my area!!! these people have gone stone crazy since the hurricane!

I agree with you 100% TGIX ...

I agree with you 100% TGIX on leaving stuff on the side of the road. I mean seriously - I understand that someone you love and care about died there, but that doesn't mean you should attempt to die in the same spot while trying to leave something there! There's need to have a spot on the side of the road littered with stuffed animals, floral arrangements, notes, pictures, etc. I think it's a waste of money. Give the stuffed animals to a charity, or toys for tots, or something like that. Give a donation to something if you want to remember, or make a "shrine" where YOU can see it anytime you want.
When my brother passed away (not from a car accident) my parents made a little garden in the lawn. Maybe people should start doing things like that. Anytime they want to they can go out there to it and see it, and my mom is always planting new flowers and stuff there.

im with you, too. there ...

im with you, too. there was a shrine near my house for about a month before people started taking things down from it.

We have one of those road ...

We have one of those road side "shrines" here for a young woman who died over 5 years ago. Her parents constantly maintain it and even filed a complaint against the local snowplow operators who accidently knocked it down because it was covered by a large snow drift. Actually the snow drift was created because of the amount of stuff they had put on the side of the road. Ironically the young woman died because she was driving too fast on a road covered in deep slush and she lost control and slid into the path of an oncoming highway tractor.
Recently one of our neighbours was going on about how wonderful the shrine was. My comment was "Where does the shrine go when someone dies in a hospital? Do you hang a wreath on the hospital room door?" Save the crosses, toys and flowers for somewhere private. I agree with Snowbunnie, give the toys to charity, put the cross in the graveyard and if a special place of rememberance is needed a little flower garden is a great idea. Better yet a donation or a memorial fund of some kind in memory of the loved one. At least that can make life better for someone else as time passes. A close friend died recently. He loved planting trees and watching and feeding birds, so in his memory a group of us are planting some trees in a local bird sanctuary.
As far as bad drivers, I don't think there is any place that can claim to have the worst, it is bad all over. I live near a small town and you need eyes in the back of your head to try to stay out of their way.

That is kind of ironic ...

That is kind of ironic Sam... Kinda strange to think about too. I mean didn't the parents think before saying something to the guy that was clearing the roads? I'm sure he is responsible for saving MANY lives.
We didn't bury my brother, he was cremated and we spread his ashes from a plane. I like the idea of a garden like my parents did. I know my mom spends lots of time out there planting things, and I think it's a good release for her. Gardening gives you time to think about everything, and then when the plants grow it kind of adds a bit of happiness to the hole left in your soul.

There are bad drivers everywhere. Everyone will claim they have the worst, and every study will report another place the worst. I just wish people would wise up when they're driving. I hear California is passing some law that says if you don't finish school you can't get a DL. I hope it passes, and I think it should be a nationwide law. If you can't finish high school or get a GED then you shouldn't be on the road. I want to know my fellow drivers can read and comprehend the signs - that girl today didn't!

yeah, it's almost Mother's ...

yeah, it's almost Mother's Day and back on mother's day 1999, I was pregnant with DJ and I remember there was an awful bus crash that day on I-10 full of people, mostly women, mothers and grandmothers on their way to a casino that day and I remember cuz I passed it on the opposite side of I-10 and I remember saying to myself how sad it was and saying a little prayer, little did I know HOW BAD it was til I heard about it on the news! it must have JUST happened when I passed it cuz after I passed it, the I-10 was closed in both directions around the crash. some people were decapitated and some body parts were all over. I didn't see any of that, but EVERY year like clockwork, there will ALWAYS be some flowers put in that spot on Mother's day.

the sad part about the accident is that it NEVER should have happened cuz the driver was in poor health and was NOT supposed to be driving. I don't think there were any survivors, maybe 1 or 2 people and the driver lived for a little while but died later within that year.

The shrines are a ...

The shrines are a religious tribute, I thought our country had tolerance as one of our aims.

I am never without amazement of how intolerant people can be.

Whether you have a high school diploma are GED equivilent has no bearing [necessarily] or your qualifications to operate a vehicle. I enlisted when I was 17 and a junior, looking upon the senior year as just a bunch of 'grab ass' games and pretty much a waste of time. With-in a relative short time we were in the 'Cuban Crisis' and I'm issued firearms and ordered to prevent unauthorized access to a SAC base in Kansas (we were in DEFCON 2 alert status - about 20 minutes away from someone initiating total nuclear war) I was ordered to use lethal force, regardless of the persons supposed rank. I was only about 18+, and in Kansas couldn't even buy a beer legally!!! And I hadn't gotten around to taking and earning my GED diploma yet. If I'm placed in the position of military responsibility to include killing someone [if need be] I damned sure oughta be able to buy a #*&^%4 beer; don't you think???

So now someone [choose your own epathets] thinks you shouldn't get a drivers' license unless you've got a diploma. Totally asinine, since some of the absolute worse drivers, happen to be VERY educated and not-so-young either. BTW, I served for over three years before taking the GED test, and passed it handily: cold turkey. That was just prior to going over to the Phillipines with two six-month tours to Vietnam. Guess it all boils down to how much proper parental input one absorbs and retains. If your parents don't give a damn, you don't get trained; therefore you are incapable of training your own offspring, or anyone else.

Never ceases to amaze me

How the HELL does one drive, smoke, and talk on their cell phone at the same time??  Now THAT'S a good one as I witnessed this one yesterday.  Some guy with no hands on the wheel, probably driving with his knee.  UGH!!!