what do you think of this?


my husb seems to think that because he's black that he got so much time.  well I don't know, I mean, he KNOWINGLY did NOT file taxes!  I mean, maybe 3 years is a bit much and maybe they're trying to make an example out of him, but how do you just NOT file takes, ESP. with all the money he made??!! 


Dawn--- I'm leaning more ...

Dawn--- I'm leaning more towards that he is a well known figure, rather than a matter of race. I also think they gave him that sentence to scare the crap out of anyone that is called in for an audit on this years taxes.

<p>i also think it was ...

i also think it was probably more of a lesson to other well known people. plus i think his attitude had a lot to do with it. when you make that much money then tell the IRS they can't have any they are going to come after you. myself, i can't understand why anyone would not pay their taxes. how do they think the country runs? who is going to pay Slappys salary? besides he had the money.

There must be more to it, ...

There must be more to it, cause it was a misdemeanor and I would think the goal would be for him to pay the taxes rather than put him in jail. Course now a days revenge and punishment out weighs common sense a lot.