1:00 has come and gone...


So this Rude woman has contacted me about buying my car. She sent me an email and asked me to call her. I did that night, as I emailed her and told her I would. She had her phone turned off so I left her a message including my number. The next day she sends me another email, asking me to call again. I don't know why she couldn't, but whatever. She tells me it's urgent that she gets a car this weekend. I call her and she says "I will come see you at 1. It's now 2 PM and I haven't even gotten a call from her.

Now don't get me wrong, I had no plans for today other then to wait for her to see my car. But then I got a phone call that my plates are in at the dealer, and I figured after she came I would go get them. Well I've been here an hour waiting for her to call. No phone call saying "Oh, can I come at a different time" or anything like that, just left me hanging.

I've decided SCREW her rude late rear-end, I'm going to get my plates. To think, I even washed the car for her. I hope the other guy comes and buys it, because I will tell this lady I still have it then when she's on her way tell her it was sold. I might as well get back at her for wasting my time right?

EDITED TO ADD:  So I wrote this post, and grabbed my purse and keys. As I got ready to turn the knob to open the door and leave, she pulled up. Still no phone call from her when she was on her way. She sure got lucky.


LOL, wouldn't you know it ...

LOL, wouldn't you know it right when you gave up on her! she shows up!!

Dis she at least buy it????

Dis she at least buy it????

i hate inconsiderate ...

i hate inconsiderate people.

when i was selling my car a few years ago, my great grandpa had died. i was shopping at target for something to wear to the funeral and i get a call about the car. i tell him i cant talk about it right now, my grandpa just died. he replies with, "ill give you 100 bucks for it." *GASP!* my car was worth oh-so-much more than that! i politely remind him again that this isnt a good time and hung up. a few weeks later i sold her for $500! yippee! whats sucks, though, is that the 500 went to paying my current cars note for that month (313.57) and a gift for my mom for her birthday and mothers day (landed on the same day that year).

HUGE peeve!! I can't stand ...

HUGE peeve!! I can't stand when people waste other people's time! On any level. Calling the Dr.'s office to make sure they are/aren't running on time, being told they're on schedule, getting there and STILL friggn wait for 20, 30 60 minutes! GRRR!
I know you needed to sell your car, but I would have been sorely tempted to tell her you waited... and waited... with NO communication from her, so you just have to get on with your day!

Some people cannot think ...

Some people cannot think of anyone but themselves. They think the world revolves around them and what they want. When I was renting out a house in a town 50 miles away (1 way), people would call, make an appointment to see the house, I would drive over there and they wouldn't show up. Some of them would even ask me to hold the house for them when they phoned--"I'll take it, I need it as soon as possible." and still no show.
I started taking names and phone numbers and if they didn't show at the appointed time, they got taken off the list of prospective tenants. You have no idea how many would phone the next day and ask to make another appointment to view, even though they knew I had already made the trip to meet them there the day before. This house was in a small town and rentals were scarce. I had the mother of one of these idiots scream at me because I refused to make a second appointment with her little darling. My response--"if your little darling can't keep an appointment why would I think he could meet the commitment to pay the rent on time". She was left with him living at home with her--she created him, she could live with him.

She's coming back today to ...

She's coming back today to take it to a garage and have them do a quick check over on it. It kinda pissed me off even more when she said that she wanted to do that. I mean she tells me that it's URGENT that she gets a car this weekend, then she says she'll be back the next day to have a mechanic look at it? What the hell? Why didn't she just wait until today to come look at it AND take it to the mechanic. Kill two birds with one stone! Hopefully she takes it, she said it's up between my car and another sedan. If she does take it, then I can start shopping for my Mac!! KEEP YOUR FINGERS CROSSED PEEVERS!!!

I don't blame you for taking names off the list Big. That's a good thing to think of too, if they can't show up on time then how DO you know they'll pay?

you should go with your ...

you should go with your car to make sure she is taking it to a good shop not one of her friends who will write a phony invoice listing things that need to be "fixed" that is a scam here in the valley. then they try to talk you down on the price because of everything that is "wrong" with the vehicle.

i don't wait for people anymore. i have waited too many times for no shows. so now i tell them that i won't wait. if they are not here when they say too bad for them

So all that, and she ...

So all that, and she didn't show today. No call, no nothing, just didn't show up. I actually waited to eat because I didn't know if she was running late again. Then I decided FUCK HER, and I ate, and now I am enjoying a glass of wine.

later for her...she's history!

later for her...she's history!

what a bitch. you enjoy ...

what a bitch. you enjoy that wine! and if you see her come on over, kick her in her lady crotch. you know the spot. the one that hurts like a mother upon getting kicked.

do i make any sense anymore? im trying to sever a friendship with a "friend" and i think its made a tad looney. but in a pleasant way. :D

Who is this "friend" you ...

Who is this "friend" you speak of? I have an idea, but I could be wrong and if I am I don't want to get into that topic...