Update on Zorro


I'm glad to hear it's nothing SUPER serious. I still would have killed the guy on site. From what I've been reading in the paper up here, this is the SECOND accident of this type that involved some drunk on a snowmachine. I hope they do something to change things!


What I don't understand is ...

What I don't understand is (at least here in Indiana) there are laws against operating a vehicle, motorcycle, boat or ATV while under the influenence. But, I haven't been able to find a law out there that stipulates its against the law to operate snow mobiles or anything along those lines while under the influence.

We are so backwards now a days. More and more people are worried about banning gay marriage, but yet people (and animals) die because we over look the laws that need to be changed to prohibit operation of any sort of mobility vehicle while under the influenence.

give them tickets for ...

give them tickets for driving drunk...driving drunk is driving drunk no matter what you're driving right?

It depends what you're ...

It depends what you're driving Dawn. Everyone likes to claim that you can get a DUI on a bicycle, but I know someone that "got one" and it's not a DUI - it's called "Drunk on the Roadway". Same for lawnmowers and such.

I don't know why there isn't a law for snowmachines. They ARE a motorized vehicle! I keep hearing that they're talking about making some changes to how close snowmachines are allowed to get to the dog sleds and such. I don't think it will matter much to drunk natives though. They don't care about anything but their booze.