A question for all

Up here we're going to be voting in a few months on Taxi deregulation. I was just wondering if anyone lives where this has already happened, and how things are going. It sounds like it's mixed on what could happen, and it sounds like no one up here really KNOWS what will happen if it does pass. There's tons of the typical political talk going on from both sides, but I was just wondering if anyone has personally dealt with this.

I don't know if you can see the article or not, sometimes you have to be a member of the site to read the articles. If you want to sign up feel free, it doesn't cost anything. This is our local paper and the article they published about the Proposition. http://www.adn.com/money/story/354336.html 


WOW, sounds like the WRONG ...

WOW, sounds like the WRONG business to be in, the article gave lots of info and they have good AND bad to the outcome...I'm not sure what to think.

LOL, brat!!!!!

LOL, brat!!!!!

it sounds like the it ...

it sounds like the it would help some people but hurt others so i am mixed about it. have to admit that i would check it out more if i had to vote on it.

I talked to some people up ...

I talked to some people up here to see if they knew what it was about or how to vote. I was told to vote to deregulate.

Apparently there are few people that hold licenses up here, and they don't even live up here! Also, we got some guy from outside of the state on the radio telling us NOT to deregulate, so that alone makes me want to! (We don't like outsiders telling us what to do up here).