The second half of my week....

Well, this is just one of those weeks I am guessing. After my shitty day Tuesday, I woke up Wednesday and my neck ended up super screwed up in the first hour of my day. I went all day in severe pain until I could finally go see my chiropractor. Still in pain, but have a much larger range of motion, and it's even better today. Sorry if this rant is long, but I have to get it all out, and it's better to tell the whole story then just part.

Anyways, yesterday at work the Receptionist called off. Typically when our receptionist doesn't come in the dispatcher and GM answer phones. Well the dispatcher decided not to come in as well. Being I had nothing to do I went down an answered called to save the GM a MAJOR headache (he now has to take ALL dispatch calls). Not to "toot my own horn" but I'm an AWESOME receptionist, and I don't mind doing it OCCASIONALLY as it's a nice change of pace. If it paid what I get now I'd do it too, but I have school loans and a car loan to pay off. Everyone has always said it too, every person at every job tells me it. I don't think it's hard to be good at it either. You treat people how you would want to be treated. A friendly voice that wants to help! Well this is not how any of the receptionists have been, and the dispatcher is HORRIBLE at being nice.

Including today I have been receptionist for a total of three days (two in a row right now, one from a while ago). Being in that position I see how bad our dispatcher is doing. I've heard from everyone, but now *I* am taking the flack from customers for what she isn't doing. This includes emergencies. When someone calls up saying "The fire department is getting sick of showing up for false alarms because my sprinkler pressure is messed up" - that's an emergency. When someone says "Something in my mechanical room has discharged" - that's an emergency. Situation #1 has been happening for two days, and #2 happened two weeks ago. So luckily these people got to talk to me, who WANTS to help them, and WANTS the company to do well (job security anyone?). We have a department that has not been scheduled to do any work this month. This is the same lady that bitches when she has a phone call, yet because of her position she gets 90% of the calls.

Today was "talk about the situation with the dispatcher" day. Her reason for being out the last two days?? "I'm tired".... Yet she has a perscription for Xanax already... So the GM, owners daughter, and myself had a 45 minute chat about the situation. When the owners daughter got married, I sat around with department managers and was blown away by the amount of stuff she fucks up. When they try to tell her, she blows up at them. When the GM tells her, she blames the techs and cries. After us all standing around discussing it the owners daughter said that her father needs to know about it. Which he already does, but doesn't want to say anything. 

Just before lunch the GM took the owner into the conference room and had a "closed doors" meeting. I am hoping it has something to do with this dispatcher, being as the conversation about the receptionist being replaced was over before the owner even got there. There was also a 35 second discussion of "Should I go through a temp service or place an ad for a new receptionist" which makes me think they weren't talking about that.

I did lunch today with a few coworkers who explained the situation more. This has apparently been going on for years, it just gets a bit worse as time goes on. They say nothing will happen about it, and that nothing will get done. They say that being the dispatchers son married the owners daughter the owner will not get rid of the dispatcher. I think that's bull, and I don't see why that would be grounds to NOT fire someone. If you're not doing your job you shouldn't have that job. I even told the GM to give me a promotion for a day to do the deed. Although I'm a great receptionist, I don't take shit from people.

This afternoon was quiet, but every time there was a problem with someone, it had to do with the dispatcher. I even had a lady call up about some past due invoices she got a letter about. She hadn't paid them so we were about to send her to collections. She tells me flat out "I have sent your company 5 letters saying NOT to do work at any of these locations. I will pay this bill but I am sick of you doing work where we are not authorizing it, and us being stuck with the bill". I realized this was a good opportunity. I told her flat out "Yeah, that's pretty messed up, and there is nobody to blame but the person sending them there. Here's what to do: with your payment include ANOTHER copy of the letter telling us not to work there. Next, I'm going to give you the owners name, and I would like you to send him a copy of this letter, and perhaps explain the situation. I think he should know what's happening". And I gave her the owners name. I also let the GM know, who said if he knew that's what was going on he would have asked her to send HIM one as well! Hard to argue with complaints in writting, crying bitch dispatcher or not!

After work I do the chiropractor, and decided to get Subway for dinner, something easy and I can relax when I get home. I go in and there's nobody in there. Just a lady with three children. Shouldn't be too long, right???  RIGHT???             RIGHT???   Holy fucking half hour. I almost knocked this bitch out, but I didn't want to scar the kids. Now that I look back I think I should have knocked her out. Maybe the kids would have learned to either know what they want or let someone who knows go AHEAD of them. GGGGGGRRRRRR   If I knew that what I know now, things would have gone differently at Subway today.

Now I'm home, and my friend has sent me a package. His tracking number says it was delivered at 9 am, but I don't have it. I'm supposed to go meet a friend tomorrow night, but she's got a slight cold that I do NOT want to get. Man, what a fucking week. TG tomorrow IF!!!!

Oh - on a side note I haven't been on during the day because the receptionists computer SUCKS donkey dick. And the GM and I are ready to place some bets that the receptionist AND the dispatcher BOTH call off again. My intentions of work tomorrow are to be receptionist again.


HAHAHAHA!!! You know I'm ...

HAHAHAHA!!! You know I'm not stressed about it at all. I just feel bad for these people calling up telling us they were told someone would be there and NOBODY knows about this other then the dispatcher. If the fire company really wanted they could charge for the false alarms. Shit, we get bills all the time when we accidentally forget to call and tell them we're working on a system to ignore the false alarms!!

I really do enjoy being receptionist. It has that "instant satisfaction". I know the customer is hearing a friendly voice, and I know they are getting helped. If I didn't have to pay bills I would go back to working at the American Cancer Society!! That was my favorite job in the world!

girl GIRL GIRL!!!! that ...

girl GIRL GIRL!!!! that was a day from HELL!! hopefully someone will wake up and see what needs to be done to get it right around there!! in the meantime, just listen to what Walt said....LOL!!!

Wow, it sounds like we ...

Wow, it sounds like we have the same employer! Not to mention the same sort of life!

I've gotten down to the point of realizing that if something needs to get done, then I need to do it myself or it won't ever get done.

aww bunnie!!! *BIG HUG* ...

aww bunnie!!! *BIG HUG*

brian: "you wanna take a dump in mother maggies shoes?"
stewie: "yeah"
brian: "come on. lets go take a dump in mother maggies shoes."

LOL conana!! That was ...

LOL conana!! That was perfect!! You just made my morning even better! Donuts and a Family Guy comment, life doesn't get much better!

glad that helped. that ...

glad that helped. that always puts me in a better mood. lol.