it's ok, it's not ok...

"Drink 8-8oz. glasses of water a day". 

"Only eat certain kinds of fish (and a certain amount) because of mercury".

"Soy is good for you".

What do these sentences have in common?

These are what health officials have told us. Now they are saying they aren't true. They even changed the food pyramid! Make up your minds! "I'm so confused" :::Vinnie Barbarino voice:::

I spoke to my doctor about that and he told me bodies aren't interchangeable so work we with my needs, but STILL...

At least I can have good ol' eggs again.


I remember hearing once ...

I remember hearing once that milk was bad for you. That was when I stopped listening to what they all say!!


A friend of mine is a real treehugger and wants eveyrhting natural that she drinks and eats.

We got on the subject of milk being good for you..and then she told me that milk is known to have "puss" in it so she'll only drink soy milk.

I went to the grocery store and read some of the labels on these "milks" that are supposed to be sooo much better for you. Over half of them are mostly watered down tasteless crap imo..

LOL, vinnie ...

LOL, vinnie barbararino..I'm so confused, LOL, good one, haven't thought of that in YEARS!!! welcome back, your dreams are your ticket out!!

thats why i eat what i ...

thats why i eat what i want when i want. i agree, walter, MODERATION. just dont over-do it and get plenty of exercise. there....problem solved.

Remember the episode where ...

Remember the episode where Epstein was missing and they had a hotline to help look for him? Vinnie asked if they checked the Staten island Ferry and there was a pause. Then he said, "No stupid, it's a boat!". I didn't get it until I saw the show a few years ago as an adult. lol
Long live Vinnie Barbarino!