these were meant to be TEMPORARY!!!!

they offered 2 to me and my family, but hell, what was I supposed to do, sleep in one with David and put the kids in the other?  NOT!!  

SOOOOO glad I didn't take this route, instead I suffered at in-laws for NINE months.  

and still NOW almost 3 years later, people are STILL living in these things!!!  HELLOOOO!!  3 years!!!  get it together people!!!  even I got a job!!! 


or at LEAST made a better ...

or at LEAST made a better life for themselves than what they had pre-K, right?? everyone I know who moved back here made a better life for themselves! hell, my brother is living in an apt. that FEMA is payin for!!!
but that will end soon too. got a job..made a ... got a job..made a better life for yourself.

I am really sorry but there are a lot of lazy people in this world and you're not one of them.

Bless your heart and hang in their babe...God WILL provide!!