Mom and Electronics!

I love my mom, and she has so many wonderful qualities. One quality that she doesn't have is how to work these "new fangled" electronic devices like her cellphone, the remote control, her computer, and her voicemail.

 I went up to see her for a couple days this past week, and she is getting so funny.

 She kept pushing the wrong buttons on her TV remote and wondering why the TV wasn't turning on! (She had hit the video button, so the remote wasn't talking to the TV!)

 God forbid I call her on her cellphone. "I just don't know how to answer that thing!"  Mom-just open it up!

 I have been teaching her how to use email! I won't even get into that.  The good news is she now knows how to "reply to".  She cannot create a new email yet, but that is on the horizon!

 She has voicemail through the phone company!  I think I will buy her a phone answering machine where all she has to push is "Play Messages!"

 I know I will be in her position soon, and my kids and grandkids will be laughing at me too, and I will have deserved it!


OMG!!! We're brothers???

OMG!!! We're brothers???

Hahaha, I have to agree ...

Hahaha, I have to agree totally - my mom just joined the "myspace" world (and my dad did too) and it's sooo hard to explain things to them on it. I unfortunately can't sit down with them to walk them through either, and I wish my brother WOULD. I understand he just had the baby and all, but he spent the entire weekend with them and didn't teach them one thing on it.

So now I have to CALL ON THE PHONE and try to TALK them through it, which is MUCH harder then sitting there showing.

LOL, TOO CUTE, older ...

LOL, TOO CUTE, older people are funny!!!

Well Mad, I am probably in ...

Well Mad, I am probably in about the same age group as your Mum and are you sure she is missing out on a lot by not learning to use all the recent electronic gadgets or do the younger folk in her family just think she is. As these new gadgets come on the market, I ask myself a question "does it make MY life easier?" and in a lot of cases the answer is no. I don't have an answering machine or voicemail because I don't want it. If you want to get in touch with me and I'm not home, keep trying. I refuse to play telephone tag with anyone and why should I spend my time trying to chase you down to find out why you called me. If it was important you will keep trying. I have a cell phone, but I only turn it on when I want to make a call or when I specifically ask someone to call me on that number because I am not going to be home and their call is important to ME. I laugh when someone asks me for my cell phone number and I refuse to give it to them. The look on their face is priceless.
I don't need an ipod, blackberry or mp3 player, etc. A computer yes and a digital camera yes, because they are of use to me. I have made the time and effort to learn how to use them, although I must say, I am still working on learning all the bells and whistles on the camera.
Maybe your Mum just can't be bothered because she sees no benefit for herself.

Good points sam - I never ...

Good points sam - I never thought about does it make your life easier. You have to learn it first off, and if it isn't something you need then what's the point of wasting the time to learn it!!

I just thought of my gram too, and how where she lived had the OLD SCHOOL stove - the one you had to start a REAL fire to get going!!! Well my mom bought her a microwave to just heat things up so she wouldn't have to start a fire, and every time my gram needed something heated, she didn't use the microwave.

I have been trying to walk ...

I have been trying to walk my mom through how to type an email. She is just learning the computer. When you move your mouse down to the body of the e-mail to type ,she calls the line, the big I (it looks like one). She couldn't figure out why she kept typing in the address bar. (She had just typed the address). Shes too funny. I just told her to look for the flashing line.

i grew up with a rotary ...

i grew up with a rotary phone, so luckily i know what one is. that is a cute story, walt!!

adams mom is the same way. she seems to think she needs a snazzy phone. *sarcasm alert* yeah, because shes a business woman who does a lot of traveling. she actually wanted to get a blackberry! WTF!? I dont even need one of those and i work full time! i use a good ol' fashioned calendar(the smaller kind that go in my purse) to sort my life. as simple as my life is.
but any time she needs to change a ringtone or something she has no clue. i have showed her many times how to do it but she just doenst get it. ! GRR! its annoying as all hell! so now she has this $400 phone that i think she paid $200 for and she hardly even ever leaves the house. she doesnt need it. she wants a fancy digital camera, BUT SHE DOESNT EVER TAKE PICTURES! why waste the money? just buy a disposable any time you want to take pictures. and even when she DOES take pictures, she doesnt do anything with them. she uploads them to the computer and thats it. and God help us when she wants to look up something online. she wants to do that "10 years younger" show. (anytime im watching a surgery show or something i have to turn it off before she sees it so she doesnt get any ideas) and asked how do find out how to enter it. her daughter and i told her to look it up on whatever the site they said was). she was like, "how do i do that?" uhh, type in the address. shes done it before with airline tickets. and then search around the site for it. its common sense. *kick* i hate helping others. lol. i have no patience for it.

<p>Just to show my age, I ...

Just to show my age, I was born in a two bed hospital in a remote mining town in the north because my mother would not come out to civilization on the tractor train. I was born before the ice in the lake broke up so the float planes could come in (the ice was too rough for ski planes to land). I always laugh when someone asks my birthplace and I give them the name, some don't want to admit they have never heard of it. The place has been a ghost town for the past 60 some years and still is only accessible by plane.
I grew up in the farmhouse heated by a wood stove (there is nothig like the smell of home made bread baking in the oven of a wood stove), no indoor plumbing and actually went to school by horse drawn sleigh one winter when there was so much snow the plows could not keep the roads open (lots of fun, us kids loved it). I think a lot of us who grew up this way are much more self reliant and have a stronger work ethic because we knew if you didn't carry in the wood, there was no heat and if you didn't carry in the water when asked, you might get sent out to the pump in the dark when all those things go bump in the night. We learned early in life that there were jobs that had to be done whether you liked it or not.
I still have a rotary dial phone in the house although we also have a cordless and yes Walter there have been kids here who don't have a clue how to use the rotary. Interestingly when there is a electrical failure in the district, it seems that our rotary is often the only phone working as it is hard wired in and not on a phone jack. So much for progress. By todays standards I had a very deprived childhood, but funny I don't think I missed out on anything but a lot of the bad stuff.

ditto with me. while i ...

ditto with me. while i unfortunatly didnt get fresh baked bread in a wood burning stove (that sounds like delicious heaven!!) i did grow up without the pleasures of cable, a cell phone, internet, remote control for the tv, among other things. my parents still have their rotary phone. they refuse to get rid of it. and i dont blame them. it came with the house when it was first built in *i think* 1949. it scares me a tad when kids dont know what a phone booth is, or like that story of the kids that got all pissed when their parents had to get rid of cable. my dad still refuses to get a cell phone. but he doesnt need one anyway. the actually still have dial up internet! lol. my dad will not pay more for high speed. he says it works fine the way it is. even though it is SO slow and takes forever to even log in (they have AOL). todays standards, i had a deprived childhood. to you, sam, i was probably spoiled. lol.

<p>BigSam,</p> <p>You ...


You bring up some great points about making life easier. I live in Los Angeles, and there is a lot involved living in a big city. Every once and a while I think about my grandparents that lived in a small town of 5,000 people, and my grandfather would walk to his office at 8:55 and get there by 9:00. He would be home at noon for lunch, and home again at 5:05. They had one phone (in the dining room), one TV without cable, and they died before internet was even discussed. They had no answering machines, and their lives seemed to be very full and enjoyable.

Meanwhile, I did get an email from my mom this morning, and I didn't have to coach her through it. Next lesson for her is how to click on a link!

As the old geezer of the ...

As the old geezer of the peevers--- we didn't have a phone when I was a kid. My grandparents did, but it was the huge box on the wall that you had to crank. There was no such thing as a private line. It's so funny , but I remember their ring was two longs and a short. We didn't have TV until I was in junior high. When I was in the 5th grade, the richest kid in the class got a TV. He was also the ugliest kid in the class. He invited me to his house to watch The Lone Ranger. (Mind you , I got dressed up for this 6 PM event and took his mother a hostess gift!) I didn't ever go again because he told everybody I was his girlfriend! Get this--- he is now real good looking and has his own televised fishing show in Texas.

chubby, that is awesome! ...

chubby, that is awesome! whats the show called? i have to see this guy!