I give up..I'm convinced!

I have just gotten back from errands and I now know how I will die....FROM SOMEONE PLAYING WITH THEIR PHONE WHILE TRYING TO DRIVE AND THEY WILL KILL ME!!! it almost just happened. a 3 lane road near my home, I was in the middle and the right lane ends and you HAVE to merge into the middle lane! well this asshole is riding right NEXT to me (which I also HATE) and his lane is ending BUT he's NOT slowing down OR speeding up, so what do you think happens...HE STARTS TO COME OVER ON ME AS THE LANE ENDS!!!! you know when the lane ends that's NOT an automatic merge!!! you have to slow down and get over safely!!!! so I blew my horn at him and he looked at me like I was CRAZY and when I saw him, in his hand was a phone, not talking in it but prob texting with it!! and when my turn for my street came and he passed me, he blew at me, like that was supposed to hurt me??

Seriously, the saddest part in all this is that I don't think he even knows what he did...


isn't it outlawed there now?

isn't it outlawed there now?

yeah, you're right, LOL!!!

yeah, you're right, LOL!!!

what an ass. glad youre ...

what an ass. glad youre ok. *kicks asshole that was on his phone*

AND he was in a little POS ...

AND he was in a little POS car and you KNOW what I drive...did he really THINK he could battle with me????

They just banned texting ...

They just banned texting while driving up here. I'm hoping they ban talking on the cell while driving too, because I'm about to buy a gun and shoot these dumb fucks.

Cell phones have their ...

Cell phones have their places..and there are place cell phones shouldn't be.

I can't tell you how many times I've witnessed near accidents when someone on their cell phone nearly caused one.

The biggest one I can think of was when a chick pulled out of a parking lot RIGHT in front of an Emergency Vehicle..because she was busy talking on her CELL PHONE!!

It's a damned good thing that the ER personnel was on top of things as he swerved around her!!