The Witch of all Witches

My god what the hell is wrong with people? This woman deserves the death penalty, she allowed this child to suffer simply over her divorce? Are you F'ing kidding me? Yet more proof that woman shouldn't be given the benefit of doubt when awarding custody, each situation should be examined to give each child the best environment.

The woman being out on bond is the worst part of it! Man if this were my kid the piece of crap would have begged the judge to keep her in jail, there wouldn't be a place on Earth that I wouldn't find her.


you said it!! I almost ...

you said it!! I almost screamed when they said she was out on bail!!!
there's NO excuse! he had a 90% survival rate 2 yrs ago and now it's only TEN PERCENT!!!! they need to hang her!!!

yup. She needs a punch in ...

yup. She needs a punch in the flaps for sure.

HA!!!! LOL!!! I agree.

HA!!!! LOL!!! I agree.