Hang up the phone.

Peeve Meister here.

It makes me nuts when people are talking on the cell phone while they are in line paying at a store checkout.

Worse, did you ever notice that they don't really ever have anything important to say to the person on the other end?

It's always the people that are talking on the phones that are the people we all have to wait for -- because they are not quite ready to pay or they have to find their money or card. How rude.

Why can't people who are talking just set the phone down just for a few moments or call back? It will make things go easier and make the lines go faster.

I'm sure you've seen this. You might even be guilty of doing it yourself (No way!). What public display of rudeness (PDR) have you witnessed lately?

Peeve on!

Happy 4th of July.

The Peeve Meister

P.S. I'm sorry to report that there was no winner from last week's Rant-of-the-Week contest. The response was deemed to be rather lame (maybe the rant was lame?). Anyway, good luck to all this week!


no winner!? ...

no winner!? BOOOO!!!!

anyhow, regarding cell phone usage whilst in line:
pisses me off royaly! i have used a cell while waiting in line but i tell the person im talking to, "hold on im at the register" and i put the phone down. but they always answer the phone saying, "hey girl!! how are you? so, what did *so and so* say about it? really!? omg!" and so on. ugh. its annoying to have the line backed up because some turdlette thinks that its the time and place for a conversation.

I HATE when people don't ...

I HATE when people don't hang up. I know when I go to the pharmacy they have a sign that says "Finish your call before you come to the counter". I actually watched a lady stay on the phone and try to talk to the lady there too, and the lady looked at her, ignored every word that was said, and just said "Come back when you're done with your phone call". I understand they have it there for privacy reasons, but they should have that sign EVERYWHERE!!!

And you're right, they NEVER have anything important to talk about. I have been in line with other customers making fun of the conversations people have. I find it VERY rude to be in line on the phone. I have before said something to people on the phone about the conversation they are having, and they have said to me "excuse me I'm on the phone" and I just say "Well if you want privacy on your call you shouldn't make it from the store".

I agree with WA - the worst is when I am standing there trying to get rung out and the CASHIER is on the phone. That just IRKS me!!

Bluetooth Headsets..

Drives me just as nuts when people have those Bluetooth things hanging around their necks with earbuds in their ears talking on their phones in line also!!

I usually just leave my phone in the car because just about the time I'm busy checking out, it rings and have to quiet it!!

I see this all the time, ...

I see this all the time, someone in the grocery store holding the cell phone with one hand and trying to push the cart full of groceries with the other. Its hard enough at times to push a full cart with less than aligned wheels on it, let alone to do it one handed, and almost running into things or people..Hang up till you are done or park that cart somewhere and finish your talk.
Then there are the ones that talk so loud and strangers can hear their entire conversation. I, for one, am not interested in knowing your business.


Texting is just as bad. People standing in the middle of an aisle texting and they're not aware of anyone arond them. Either put your cell phone away..or sit down somewhere and text...like the restroom or something...

OMG, I have the perfect ...

OMG, I have the perfect story for this....JUST TODAY I was out doing errands and at a gas station, there was a woman, SCREAMING AND HOLLERING AND CURSING, loud like I just typed, all in public while at the pump and sitting in her truck. it sounded like she was LITERALLY fighting with someone, and as I got closer I saw she was ON THE PHONE doing this, I don't know if she EVER pumped gas cuz a lady who worked there was on a break and said she had already been at it for like TWENTY minutes!!! who the hell does that???, I mean this lady was SCREAMING and CURSING so loud that when people passed by they looked over to see what was going on cuz it sounded like a fight. WHY would someone do that?? at least she should have closed her door and moved away from the pump!!!

wow, thats freaky!

wow, thats freaky!

<p>If I had my own retail ...

If I had my own retail store I would have a few regular check out lines with cashiers, one with a scanner for self checkout, and another designated for those who wish to use their cell phones while conducting business. This one would have a lit up register line number sign but would be unstaffed and have no scanner for self checkout.

I would also put a camera on that line and use the resulting footage as entertainment at parties and whenever I just needed a good laugh I'd watch it. I'd probably also sell it to some TV show and put it on YouTube. No question some would be very upset about "being humiliated" but they would only be humiliating themselves. I also think the publicity would be well worth it. Can you imagine how many people would come shop in my store just to see for themselves in person the people going to that line only to stand around talking for the longest time before they finally realized there was no cashier and there wasn't ever going to be one?

Oh, I would have a sign there when they get to the front of the line that would read something like "Thank you for choosing this line to stand in while you talk on your phone. When you are finished with your phone call that was more important than other people in line at a register that is staffed and used by people who are considerate of others, you may proceed to one of them but only after you complete your call. Thank you very much for your courteousy and cooperation."

LOL, I LOVE that idea too, ...

LOL, I LOVE that idea too, a line with no one working in it but only for those on the phone!!!! LOLOL!!!

and shaybabe hit it right on too, when they are fighting to control the basket while on the phone!! funny stuff!! either get a bluetooth or got off the phone. and the same goes for those people who are trying to BACK UP WHILE ON THE PHONE!!! YOU NEED TWO HANDS FOR THIS, GET OFF THE PHONE!!!! it only takes about 5 seconds to back up, put the phone on hold or wait til you're driving FORWARD!!!

"AK you are missinig out ...

"AK you are missinig out on something special here!!! (c;} "

Forget about it Walter. AK and I aren't going to spill the beans, not going to give any of you the satisfaction of the where and when, we're just going to elope. Now go about your business. Move along, nothing to see here everyone, move along... LOL!

Wanna another good laugh ...

Wanna another good laugh Walter? Go back and read my latest addition to the "Race Card" thread. ;->

MY personal peeve about ...

MY personal peeve about cell phones is the music (usually rap with vulgar language) I have to listen to before the call connects. And yes, I HAVE to listen to it -- I make several calls a day to clients (remember, I work at a crisis pregnancy center), most of whom do NOT have home phones, and I have to go through all that schmutz before it finally begins to ring.

I also don't like it when people pull out of their driveways in the morning and IMMEDIATELY get on the cell phone. And yes, I know people who do this. What the crap could have happened in the entire minute it took you to walk out of the door, get in the car, crank it, and back out of the driveway?


Those that wear earbuds constantly while they're in a store, waiting in line, while out walking, or even driving. As their rap music is blaring and they aren't aware of a single thing around them!! If I can hear it from more than a few feet away..it's too loud!! Who wants to hear that vulgar language anyway!??

Here's MY bad story about blaring your music too loud (and this one was without head phones..another one of my pet peeves!!)..

It was snowing outside and the roads were nasty and slippery. There were ambulances going out everywhere because people just wouldn't slow down. Plus it was rush hour.

There was an ambulance coming up from behind us so I stopped at a green light to let them through. Some idiot with his music blaring super loud slams on his breaks and BLOWS his horn at me!! Idiot, there's an ER vehicle coming up the road, you moron!!

Guy gives me the #1 out his window when the ambulance was finally through, like he didn't want to admit he was wrong!!

Oh how I hate when people ...

Oh how I hate when people talk on cell phones when walking around stores or in the checkout! Especially when they have their handsfree headset on so you don't realize they're having a phone conversation. Some guy was walking down the aisle asking where the cheese was located, I started to answer him and got a filthy look.....then realized he was on the stupid cell phone and asking whoever he was talking with. Don't give me a filthy look when you're walking down the grocery aisle using a normal tone of voice and asking a question and I answer you. How the hell am I supposed to know you are on the damn telephone??

I've also heard/seen a man having an argument on the phone (again with the handsfree thingy) and thought he was a raving psychotic and turned and went the other way. LOL

I just don't think anything is so important that you need to have your cell phone conversations all over the damn place. Go off by yourself, the public doesn't give a hoot about what you have to say to your friend, spouse, child, parent, doctor etc etc etc.

Couldn't agree more!!

Yeah Griff..seems to be the way of the world lately that most EVERYONE is too busy talking on their phone to bother getting out of anyone's way. I'm a friendly person and often enjoy conversing with others about stuff at the grocery store, just making a few seconds of conversation while we both laugh about it and go on with our shopping.

I know what you mean about these people that talk on their cell phones with their earbuds in..and you think they're talking to you. I feel like an idiiot when I notice that they're talking to someone else on their phone!!

One time I was in the ladies room and some woman said, "There's no toilet paper in here.." so I handed her a bunch underneath the stall..but she never noticed because she was talking on her stupid phone!! Let her go without then and drip dry..LOL!!

Is there ANYWHERE where people aren't yapping on their cell phones, texting, or checking their messages or FB pages!?? They're all accidents waiting to happen and while some State laws forbid talking on your cell phone in traffic, I really believe that certain times of the day they should post "No Cell Phone Zones" in cases where you're driving through construction, school zones, inclement weather, etc. Those are definately places where people should be paying attention and not worrying about their cell phones. I don't care if you have one of those bluetooth sets that hangs around your neck with earbuds in..you're still distracted!!

There should be HUGE fine for these people whether they get into an accident or not..they're making it unsafe for others that have the responsibility to put their cell phones away and pay attention to the road in front of them!!

OMG, this thread is so ...

OMG, this thread is so timely. I just finishing cussing a guy who was behind me in a coffee shop chatting on his cell phone just inches from my ear. He had the nerve to tell the party he was talking to that he had to leave the phone call because someone was 'bothering' him. This was after I asked him whether it was absolutely necessary for him to stand in such close proximity to me to have a private conversation. He then asked me how far should he be. I told him out of earshot. He still didn't get it. He contended that its a public space, and that I was simply being 'oversensitive'. I really saw red then. I asked him whether he would pee or yell fire in public space, in a vain attempt to demonstrate that public space is shared space, and not simply for the vanities of the uncouth. He had the audacity to complain that I was being rude.

I then reminded him of his own rudeness, and then asked the cashier to return my card as quickly as possible so that I could get away from this 'f...k.r' I've had it with these inconsiderate louts who chat anywhere about any goddamn inconsequential thing in the close proximity to strangers.

Some of them in my building have taken to taking calls in the elevators, which drives me crazy. Twice today, I have avoided going on elevators when I see some cell phoney about to go on. On occasion, I have sarcastically told a couple of them that I will let them have their 'phone booth' to themselves.

I so wish that cell phone jammers were legal...

Good for you ...

Good for you Jamfogey....Sounds like he definitely deserved that a** chewing..

No lie!!

I've had my fill of these people yapping on their cell phones in close proximity to me also. I can not only hear what THEY'RE saying..but the party they're talking to. It's annoying and I've grumbled under my voice many times for the person to get off their damned cell phone!!

People just aren't patient anymore and always have to be doing something while waiting in line, including texting and not moving along when the line moves. It's sooo annoying and good for you Jamfogey that you finally said something.

Thing is, there is soo much of this going on that people that do it just expect everyone else to think it's normal. They don't see themselves as being rude at all..it's the rest of us that are rude for saying something.

So glad you put the jerk in his place Jamfogey..Good for you as you speak for many of us that would love to!!

How about the cashier who ...

How about the cashier who is on the phone. She was getting paid while talking on the phone and I'm trying to check out. I wanted to smack her with it. I have also witnessed people at the movies talking so loud I went and got the usher. I paid $10 bucks for the ticket I'm going to watch the show. The worst had to be the cell phone user at church during a baptism. I cannot believe the rudeness of some of these users.

Then I have been on the receiving end of these calls. People are in line and they think just cause their bored they can call me. Do they think I have nothing better to do? Lately, I just tell them I cannot talk, I have work to do.

Kick it to VM

That's what I do badcreeks. When someone is bothering me at a bad time, I press the button on the side of my Samsung and kick it to VM.

Mine isn't a cell phone ...

Mine isn't a cell phone PDR, but it's a couple that I see a lot and are in a way related. One is drivers who don't yield to pedestrians who are crossing the street with the light or at a corner or in a crosswalk. The other is pedestrians who walk out in the middle of the street, seemingly oblivious to the $#%& sidewalk that is right there! I've been a driver who yielded to a pedestrian, crossing in the crosswalk, with the light (and I was hit from the rear by someone who drove off) and a pedestrian walking on the sidewalk, watching someone else walking their dog out in the street
(not the dog usually, the person - the dog has more %$* sense)!

Do people know how stupid ...

Do people know how stupid they look walking around with those stupid handsfree headsets on..staring off into space and yammering away? I saw some big bald moron wearing an "el cheapo" variety yesterday (the thing didn't even fit correctly around his ear and flopped around as he was walking)... dressed in a shirt and shorts that didn't match..black socks..flip flops..(a real dweeb). They remind me of something outta Star Trek and if people knew how stupid they looked using the dumb things..they'd think twice where they used them.

Oh, and then there are the cell phone users. It's bad enough when they're holding up the line yammering on them, but what I find even more annoying is when they're wandering around in the store talking on them and they're not paying any attention to who's behind them, in front of them, etc. I once witnessed a young girl talking on her cell phone run practically full force into a guy that had just filled up a cup with hot soup at the gas station. The guy ended up with hot soup all over himself and all the girl said was, "oh. sorry..." and kept walking and talking on her cell.

Of course I stopped to help the poor guy standing there with hot soup all over him, got him some ice and cool cloths. Thankfully he was okay as most of the soup had spilled all over his thick winter jacket, but what I REALLY wanted to do was hunt down the irresponsible chick on her cell phone and give her a piece of my mind.

Wherever she is right now..she's probably still yammering on her cell phone! LOL!!

Hand free thingies

If there isn't anything more ridiculous looking than those hand free headsets that hang from people's ears...

Do they realize how stupid they look??

Then there are the ones constantly texting on their phones, paying absoltuely NO attention to the people around them.

What REALLY gets on my last nerve is the ones standing around with earbuds in and their bada** rap music blaring so loud I can hear it. The person is in "no man's land" while walking around listening to their tunes..butting in front of people; letting the door slam behind them, etc. No idea where they are except in a store with a bunch of people listening to their music blare loudly in their ears.

Can't believe they alow it when someone is riding a bike, driving a car, etc., as they're oblivious to what's going on around them.

Had to stop and pull over a few days ago for an ambulance. Guy behind me had his rap music blaring so loud he never even heard the ER vehicle coming. Blares on his horn because I stopped at a green light and rolls down his window for me to go. Dumb ass finally realizes that an ambulance is coming through and still has the guts to flip me off after the EMT's got through.

Can't even imagine what these EMT teams go through in today's world. Nobody pays attention. Everybodies either playing their music too loud or has earbuds in, etc.

Checkers must have it rough too while checking someone out with their earbuds blaring away.. "$35.50" they say and the person doesn't even hear them because their music is so loud the whole store can probably hear it. How they keep their patience I'll never know because I'd be yelling, "I saaiid, $35.50..take your damned ear buds out!!"..and probably lose my job!!

LOL!!  I can't take all this new world cell phone..ear buds crap!! I don't tolerate it from my grown up kids on their cell phones at the dinner table texting away or surfing FB/ the net, etc..and I don't tolerate it...from them OR my grandkids. If they want to come to my house and talk to me face to face, they're more than welcome; but when they bring their cell phones in..they leave them in a basket in our back hallway.

Dawn reminded me of the ...

Dawn reminded me of the best cell phone feat I've seen yet! I was out driving yesterday and there was this woman driving behind me in this big double wide truck with a bunch of kids in the third seat. Not only was she yapping on her phone with one hand..she was smoking a cigarette with the other!!

My question was: How is this woman steering that vehicle? Does she have a third or a fourth hand somewhere??! No..she was probably doing one of those "knee steering" things..which meant that if I had to stop fast..she was probably going to be driving that big double wide right over the top of MY little car!!

After seeing that..I CHANGED LANES IN A HURRY!!

It has been reported on ...

It has been reported on the news that people who constantly use cel phones might end up with brain tumors or worse. So let them use them as much as possible. It is nature’s way of getting rid of idiots.

LOL, timbuktu, me too, how ...

LOL, timbuktu, me too, how the hell are they driving? I speed away as fast as I can!

LOL Dawn!!

I had another one happen to me more recently.

Was at a stop sign and the guy behind me was blowing his horn for me to GO!! Unfortunately I couldn't because there was traffic coming..

I was so ticked off I got out of my car and saw the guy smoking a cigarette with one hand and talking on his cell phone with the other...much like your story. Asked him him the hell he was driving his car..and noticed it was with his knee too. He had kids in the back and I told him that for one thing he could stop laying on his horn while I waited for oncoming traffic..which he obviously couldn't see because he was BEHIND me; and that if he didn't put his cigarette and cell phone down and drive responsibly, I'd call Social Services!!

Yeah, I pretty much read him the riot act about the idea that if he wanted to put his and someone else's life in danger like that..he was already a menace on the road; but it was worse having kids in the car.

Told him to grow up and be a responsible parent..!!

I went to the grocery ...

I went to the grocery store today to get lunch. While I was DRIVING through the lot, I saw two guys coming out of the store to get into their car. One was on a cell phone, and he was SCREAMING profanities AT HIS MOTHER! This is no lie. I had my windows up and this lunatic was going ballistic -- calling her names and telling her to f-off, only he used the word over, and over, and over. I thought about hitting him with my car...

Good Lord!!

Horrible how some kids have absolutely no respect for their parents!!


Well this didnt happen ...

Well this didnt happen recently but I worked as a cashier for a gas station/general store. One Friday...(of course the busiest day of the week) I had a gentleman (well I cant call him a gentleman) but a man in line. There were a few people in front of him and a ton of people behind him. I was the only working. I quickly got the line moving. When he stepped up to the counter he was on his cell phone as he had been since he entered the store. He placed his items on the counter and I started ringing them up. Once I was finished I asked him if that was all or would there be anything else. Heres where the fun begins....he shhhd me and held his finger up as to tell me to wait. I was flabergasted. What nerve!. So i politely voided his sale and asked the next person in line to step up to the counter. Then he had the audacity to get mad. I told him when he was finished with his important phone call that I would gladly finish his transaction. Well I finally got him out of the store. The next day he called management on me. Of course then it was my fault because the customer is ALWAYS right. How far do they get to go before someone finally says enough is enough. The same goes for people who smoke in line. I know most places are smoke free now but the ones that arent, its like people make it a point to do it just because they can. HOW RUDE!!!!!

Aww Becca..

Sorry you had to deal with this creep!! He knew he was wrong but some people never want to admit, especially after being put off  to wait while the next customer gets to basically "butt in line" in these idiot's opinions.

So sorry you got in trouble for it..as there are time when the customer definately ISN'T right!!

The thing that really gets ...

The thing that really gets me about cell phones is when people use them in the midst of committing crimes. The PeeveMeister's rant is the tip of the iceberg ... all this flippant use leads to people very stupidly leaving incriminating evidence on their cell bills.

If you watch crime shows, it is a constant source of evidence ... the suspect says he was nowhere near the crime scene, yet the cell company's records peg him right around the corner. Don't these people watch TV?

So, don't get too mad about these people at the store, maybe they're setting themselves up for the big bust.

Good for you Becca, the ...

Good for you Becca, the nerve of this guy to shush you while he's at the cash register! How could the management think it was your fault?

I've given up making any ...

I've given up making any attempt at being polite to the jackasses who are yapping on their cell phones in public. I have no problem with someone who goes off to the side and talks quietly, but don't invade my space with your jabbering. Holding up the checkout line - I'm the one that says something about them in a slightly louder than normal voice.
Cashier making what is obviously a personal call on a cell phone while I am waiting to pay for my items, I leave the items sitting there and go to the manager's office and complain, demanding that he/she come out and take care of the problem immediately.
NOTE: a word of caution, don't give your credit card to a cashier who is talking on a cell phone and if the clerk puts your card down on the counter while using their cell phone, be very afraid. Most cell phones nowadays take pictures and the information off the face of your credit card is worth money. It can be sold as it is known to be a valid account. Someone makes a duplicate of the card and since you still have your card, you don't know what is going on until your card is refused because you are over your credit limit or until you get your monthly statement.
On the lighter side a friend of mine does a remarkably realistic sound of a fart. He does it verbally that is. When someone talking on a cell phone invades his space, he turns his head away and lets off the sound of a real boomer. Boy do they get as far away from him as possible, as fast as possible.

Not only that,,

But when they stand in the middle of a store aisle TEXTING!!  Excuse me but...I have absolutely NO patience for these people and have no problem almost running them over with my cart.  I can say "Excuse me" once..."Excuse me" twice..and that's when I get p** off and just push my way through.  For **** sakes..do your stupid texting elsewhere you idiot!!!

And here's another one...how the H**  do people get away with DRIVING with earbuds/headphones on while driving/riding their bikes/skateboards, etc??  Isn't something written somewhere that says that you need to be aware of everything when you're driving or riding something with wheels??  DUH!!

Came across one of these idiots a few days ago with earbuds in..running a red light and barely missed getting hit by an emergency vehicle.  Pay attention much moron??!

Bad enough when their tunes are blasting so loud in their cars you can hear the base two blocks away..but when it's blasting right in their ears..how the h** aren't these people not a menace??!