Ms. Tardy


I have a co-worker who is late at least 2 times a week.  Which wouldn't be such a big deal except she and I are required to be there BEFORE 8:00 am sharp, because we have to turn the phones on (they are turned over to an answering service at night).  She always has some "reason" why she is late, such as she rode with someone else to work and they drive slow, her stomach was upset and she had to take an extra long shadoobee before coming to work, she was up late talking with "whoever" because they were having a crisis, her alarm clock broke, etc.  While her excuses are some that I have never heard before, most of them are just lame.  I say get your tushy to work on time or quit and let the job go to someone who cares enough to get here on time or early!!


Absolutely she should be ...

Absolutely she should be there on time. It is one thing to be late occasionally, but this sounds too much like a bad habit she needs to break. Does your immediate supervisor and/or boss know this is going on? If not, then you might think about mentioning it, but if I were you, I would document it for a period of time to support your complaint when you do speak to the higher ups. If your supervisor IS aware of it but is not doing anything about it, I would say something to the worker. Plain and simple, she's getting the extra sleep and lag time because she knows you're dependable enough to be there on time and do BOTH of your jobs.

Plain and simple. Tell ...

Plain and simple. Tell her that you are not going to cover her ass for her.
She knows what is required and needs to take responsibility for her actions. You will take care of your job and she can take care of hers.

I agree.

I agree.

Her ride drives slow and ...

Her ride drives slow and that's why she was late for work?? She stayed up too late chatting with someone with a crisis?? Her alarm clock broke??

Pretty lame excuses if you ask me.

How old IS this chick anyway??