dang, I must be gettin old, cuz these chicks are CRAZY!!


That's crazy, all right. ...

That's crazy, all right. I can't imagine how their families feel about all of this. And if these babies are being supported by the state, I think the support needs to stop, since the girls had this "pact." They should have included in the pact how they would ban together to financially provide for their little ones. It makes one wonder whether the parents of these girls ever spent any time trying to instill in their children the importance of good decision-making.

What the hell?????

What the hell?????

they said about 17 girls ...

they said about 17 girls were PG by the end of school last year, and I guess these other ones wanted to follow in the footsteps.

There are some parents who ...

There are some parents who terribly failed their children. Now as a result there are 17 kids coming into the world that don't have a chance. They should be given up for adoption where they will go to homes that are financially able to take care of them. Otherwise, you guessed it, WE will pay ALL of their expenses. These kids wanted babies for the same reason many people get puppies. They're cute. But what these dumb bitches don't understand because their parents have obviously never told them this, is that babies grow and become MORE needy, and require MORE money to care for as they grow. Those girls should have their babies taken from them and be forced to have the contraceptive shots each month or however often they give them. At least until they are 18 years old. 21 would be better.

This is why I tell ...

This is why I tell everyone that you should have a license to become a parent!!!! Heck you have to have a license to drive, fish, hunt and whatever, so why not for becoming a parent.

This is just irresponsible on the part of the kids and the parents of the kids who obviously did not install morals, values or character into their children.

We have a teen daughter in ...

We have a teen daughter in high school and in order to educate the kids on teen pregnancy..the responsibilities of being a parent, etc., they had a course in parenting.

This included bringing home a computer programmed "baby" that had to be fed, changed, picked up, etc. It amazed me how much it felt like a real child..sounded like a real child, etc. The baby came complete with a diaper bag, diapers, bottles filled with "formula", and even clothing.

The kids had to take care of the baby for two weeks and the computer documented how long the child cried...was left alone without being picked up, etc.

I don't know how many times my daughter asked me to get up in the middle of the night when it was screeching..how many times she asked me to change it when it was screeching...how many times she asked me to just pick it up when it was screeching, and how many times she asked either my hubby or I to watch it when she wanted to go out with her friends.

We didn't pick up any of the pieces for her because we wanted her to learn from this experience.

After the two weeks..the parents were invited with their kids to join a discussion session regarding their experiences. I believe it was the best thing that ever happened to these kids as these teens realized that..sure..babies are cute and cuddly..some of the time..but for the most part..they're a lot of work and responsibility!!