scared straight

it may have been a little harsh for the kids, BUT maybe that's what they needed to make them realize the seriousness of the situation!


I agree. We used to have ...

I agree. We used to have a similar program when I was in high school that dealt with prisoners coming into our school and talking to us about the prison system...and all of the reasons to stay out of trouble.

It was called, "Scared Straight" also.

These prisoners were extremely graphic about what they were going through in the they'd gotten there, etc. and didn't mince any words. Short of obscenities..these prisoners were very adamant..and it was very scary for the entire crowd to listen to these individuals tell their stories.

I wish they'd bring that program back. I know recently our school system took the high school kids through a a unit that included videos of thugs getting arrested, the check in process..getting fingerprinted..mug shots, the entire prison system (complete with interviews from prisoners),etc.

The parents were invited to view pieces of the series one night and from then..were given the chance to give their kids the permission to actually tour a prison system...and the parents were given the opportunity to attend with their kids.

Both of our kids are on the honor roll. Cinda's a cheerleader and big into sports and Jacob is on the football and soccer teams. Both of them are "A" students, yet I thought this was a prime opportunity for my hubby and I to show them how the bottom can fall out after high school.

Both my husband and I attended the tour with our kids and even for my hubby and was a VERY RUDE AWAKENING!!

Walking in..we heard prison cell doors being shut..handcuffed prisoners being led from one unit to another. We got to view the videos of the prisoners in their cells (how the prison guards see it)..and then..actually took a guarded walk through a prison block.

Needless to say, this was nothing short of scary as hell for my husband and I..not to mention how it was for our kids. Prisoners yelling obscenities....making obscene gestures, peeing through the prison bars, etc.

But ya know...a REAL RUDE AWAKENING FOR THE KIDS because this is the way it is in a prison system!!

Since we have two younger little ones, my hubby and I took our two older ones out for pizza that night and had a chance to talk to them both about what their thoughts were on the experience.

It was nothing short of scary for both of them..and I hope it carries over because Cinda was over the edge saying, " come you MADE me go through that..I'm not into drugs." while Jacob was more on the side of, "Man..I'm glad I saw many of my friends could go down that road.."

They never think it applies to them until it does. That's what we tried to stress to both of them..

That it's not that we don't trust them in making GOOD's just that..after high has it's twists and turns..and..when Mom and Dad aren't there to make the decisions FOR them...well...hopefully after they saw that..they can fend for themselves..and later on..for THEIR families.

yeah, in the long run I ...

yeah, in the long run I think it does more good than harm cuz when an opportunity comes up where they have to make a life/death decision, maybe they'll make the RIGHT one because of that experience!

I think the kids will be ...

I think the kids will be fine. They NEED the shit scared out of them these days because kids are desensitized to tragic things like this. When I was in high school they showed us the pictures of the bodies on the street following the horrible crash caused by the drunk asswipe. But in our pussified day and age they say it's too much for the pansies of today to handle. Bullshit!! Todays kids can't handle tragedy because they have the "it ain't gonna happen here" mentality and they are not allowed to be taught HOW to deal with tragic situations or HOW to keep themselves out of a tragic situation. Instead of telling kids they are losers for using drugs and alcohol we have to tell them they have a disease. WTF!!! It's the same as telling fat people they have a disease. Anything to remove the responsibility for the undesirable consequences from the person who SHOULD own the responsibility. Anyway, todays kids need the shit scared out of them and unfortunately we must resort to unconventional methods to get the point across. Rather than accept the message, these people are going after the ones tasked with raising our kids. Typical of todays parents and their idiot kids.

I TOTALLY agree with ...

I TOTALLY agree with slappy, I think cuz they are SO "sheltered" that they don't know "real life" and all the bullshit that happens! I'm gonna scare the SHIT outta my kids.

I think this is part of ...

I think this is part of the "pussifying" of our children as my local radio DJ's would say. Kids got hurt on the playground so what did we do, we put in soft stuff for them to land on! Lawn darts hurt a few people so what did we do? Stop making them. Playing "tiddely-winks with manhole covers" got you hit by a car so what did we do? Tell people to stop playing it!! So after telling them "learn from MY mistakes" how can they learn? All these kids are so sheltered and told what to think (I can even see how mine sheltered me) they don't know what can happen in the real world.

When I was a junior in high school this REALLY did happen, but nobody died. There were a few kids that missed weeks because they were in comas or just in the hospital messed up from a drunken wreck. And you know what, it messed our entire class up. Over half of the entire graduation class was there, and more from other grades. So there's all these kids that we ALL know (100 in my graduating class) dying in front of us, because we all got drunk and some drove.

We did a program after that where every hour people were called to the office and those people had their faces painted white and wore black. They were considered "dead" - and the one girl in the accident was one that painted her face. They didn't talk to anyone and nobody talked to them. That was an amazing time, and I think it helped my entire school realize that we all knew each other. We weren't a "city" school or big at all, so we ALL knew each other. Kids need this shit, and someday you WILL lose a friend. Face the emotions now, when you can learn the most from them.

This is excessive! I don't ...

This is excessive! I don't care how old you are, its cruel to pull something like this on someone! I'm all for making kids tougher but this just goes too far. Shock em by showing gory videos or taking them to a morgue. The fact of the matter is that most of these kids are not going to drink and drive in the first place, so why do this? I can see doing this to a teen who has a drinking problem, but not to the entire school body. What about "fragile" kids, couldn't something like this do real pychological damage and if so how do you reverse that damage?

No this was not a good idea at all, if I were a parent to one of these kids I'd have a lawyer by now. I remember when a friend of mine died in High School, the place was over run with grief conselors to make sure we were ok. I can't believe that the school went along with this, they're going to be lambasted for it.