How about we pressure our elected officials to initiate a law requiring law enforcement to accept, rreview and act upon any photo and/or video submitted to them; which we, public observers, have recorded with privately owned 'dash cams'  of any observed driving infraction.  {if you can't drive and chew gum, don't try operating a 'dash camera' either} I do believe that capturing errant drivers 'in the act' would be benificial, in helping to get them off the road.  Might start up new 'action TV' shows, so we don't have to watch the same old stale reruns. What say you?


sounds good to me, I'm ...

sounds good to me, I'm sure us private citizens would catch a WHOLE lot more stuff then the police EVER do! I see someone run a red light EVERY DAY, in my part of the city since the's like the hurricane has given them reason to be able to run lights and do whatever! I never NEVER see the cops out anymore waiting to give tickets for speeding and such like they used to before the hurricane.

I agree Dawn as I'd love ...

I agree Dawn as I'd love to catch all the tailgaters climbing up my ass in traffic..the ones who think they own the parking lot when they're driving 40 mph across it, etc.

It's like we're supposed to look out for THEM!!

Sorry to say AKZ...I don't think it'll ever happen.

Like the song says, "All the cops in the donut shops.."..


I have a tendency to start ...

I have a tendency to start going REALLY slow when someone wants to ride up on the bumper of my car. If I wasn't going fast enough even though I was doing 5 over and that pissed them off, then I figure let me piss them off some more. God help them if they hit me esp. when I have my children in the car. There won't be enough let to cart to the hospital.

**walk like an egyptian...**

**walk like an egyptian...**

If I had a camcorder I'd ...

If I had a camcorder I'd love to take videos of the speeders in front of my house, then show the sheriff what I am talking about.
On the road there are some drivers on their cell phones that I would love to kill. It's pathetic that people can't do anything without the phone stuck to their ear. I wonder if they take them to the bathroom!

I wish this could be ...

I wish this could be possible!!! So many people are BAD drivers around me because I have an '08, I could get EVERYONE a ticket!!

Some people do take their phones to the bathroom Chubby, I've heard stories from people about the phone they lost to the "porcelain gods" while they were taking a tinkle!