2 random peeves

I was just dropping the kids off to summer camp this morn and as I was leavin, I got stuck behind a dump truck. my question is WHY do they drive SO FRICKIN SLOW ALL THE TIME???? I know they can't or shouldn't drive too fast but THIS idiot was going like 10-15 mph!!! that's slower than a school zone!!! I couldn't pass him cuz it was on a one lane residential street! GAH!!!!

next one: I was in Winn Dixie yesterday, which I HATE going to (grocery stores in general) and I know we've talked about this before but it is STILL SO AGGRAVATING, but people who are shopping around you just tend to leave their baskets ANYWHERE!!! I mean, HELLOOOO, others are shopping too. the other thing they do is leave the basket in the middle of the aisle while they're looking at something somewhere else on the aisle! When I shop I pull my basket all the way to the side WITH ME where I am and NOT BLOCK others. so I'm walking around saying "excuse me, pardon me...!!!!" cuz I CAN'T MOVE!! DOUBLE GAH!!!!!


i know that frustration. i ...

i know that frustration. i hate when i get stuck behind a car on a side street getting home thats going about 5 mph. move faster a-hole!! so im forced to go down the alley and i end up getting to the intersection much faster that way. for the grocery store, i hate when someone is coming down the main walk of the store and you are coming out of a aisle. without slowing down or checking to see if someone is there they suddenly turn hard into the aisle and nearly crash into you because you stop to check and make sure traffic isnt coming. God forbid they stop and peek around the corner first.

ooooooh, THAT'S another ...

ooooooh, THAT'S another one I forgot!!! they do that to me all the time, ESP. at walmart!!!! if I am on the MAIN aisle and you're coming off the side, YOU should yield to ME!!! same basic rules of driving, right?!

I'm soooo bad about just ...

I'm soooo bad about just leaving my cart in random places.. I've had to stop employees from taking my cart away from me before!! I only do it if I'm alone in the aisle, but it never fails that a crowd of people show up! I'll try to think of you next time and NOT do it!

I hate when people don't look around the corner. It's like they think they're the only ones there. And yes Dawn - I agree they should wait if we're in the main aisle!! But up here people entering the highways seems to think the people on the highway are supposed to make room for them to get it!

I hate when I'm at the mall, or in a store, and people just stop randomly. Not to get anything to put in their cart either. They'll just be walking down the aisle talking to their friend then they'll just stop. It's like they can't walk and talk (must be related to the talk and drive rant).

<p>right, those people who ...

right, those people who hold conversations in the MIDDLE of the aisle while you're trying to shop!!! GAH!!!! MOVE, GET OUT THE WAY and go talk somewhere else!!

I'm with ya on this ...

I'm with ya on this one!!!!!! Peolpe used to stay to the right in driving, crossing at medians, going down aisles, etc. It was rare to have a problem navigating anywhere. Now, people just wander anywhere they want to and God help you if you say anything. I've said "Excuse me" and had people literally yank their carts aside and give me a ugly look.
As for crossing medians-- don't stupid fools realize they need to be on the right so they can see the oncoming traffic? I've been in the proper position and had idiots pull up on my left, so now I have to watch out for the oncoming traffic and the idiot!

Here's how I operate. I ...

Here's how I operate. I treat the aisles just like I do the road. I stay in my lane, and I expect others to stay in theirs. What gets my goat is people whose buggies are blocking the aisle, WHILE THEY ARE STANDING RIGHT BESIDE THE BUGGIES!!!! If you see me trying to get by AND I CAN'T BECAUSE YOU'RE A HOG, PLEASE BE POLITE AND MOVE YOUR STEEL ON WHEELS OUT OF THE COTTON-PICKIN' WAY!!!!! Double gah! It's like people think "we" are lower class simply because we want to get down a doggone aisle. *spittin' and sputterin*

You are blocking the aisle ...

You are blocking the aisle with your cart, this is what you will get from me. A polite "Excuse me, please". Ignore me and then you will get a loud, but not quite shouting, Excuse me. Keeping ignoring me and then you will get "WHAT'S THE MATTER WITH YOU, GET OUT OF THE MIDDLE OF THE AISLE AND QUIT BLOCKING TRAFFIC, YOU AREN'T THE ONLY ONE IN THE STORE". While I am saying this, I pick an opening on one side of them and start moving. If they don't get their cart out of the way in time, I just keep moving and wherever it ends up they can catch up to it.
The ones who get me are the ones who turn and look right at me after the first Excuse me and just go back to whatever they are going as if I didn't exist. In that case I skip the second Excuse me and go straight to the third step.

LOL, sounds good to me!

LOL, sounds good to me!