So I must be late in reading the news... or hearing it. I didn't know there was a tomato ban!! My Subway Sandwich just ISN'T the same without them! I think at times like this it should be "eat at your own risk" not just refusing to allow people to eat them. 

I have two at home, I'm going to guard them with my life. 


I'll sign a waiver!! I ...

I'll sign a waiver!! I WANT MY TOMATO!!!

Why is there a tomato ban? ...

Why is there a tomato ban? I noticed this at wendy's today, thought they were just out.....

theres e-coli or something ...

theres e-coli or something going on with the tomatoes. good riddens i say. i hate tomatoes.

No, it's Salmonella. I ...

No, it's Salmonella. I think it's nonsense. I've had food poisoning (serious) enough times that I should be able to put myself at risk if I want!

I hear Texas started it.

Peevers--- I wonder if it ...

Peevers--- I wonder if it is in the tomatoes or is it a simple matter that the hands it passes through, on the way to us, never get washed after peeing or pooping. I hope they get to the bottom of it. I think there were only two types affected. One was the Roma (shaped more like an egg) which I don't use anyway) and I missed the name of the other one.
Our Subways in MS have dropped the tomato too. Hubby was pissed when he went for lunch. He said they took mushrooms out back when there was a scare on them and they never brought them back.

I went to Chili's for ...

I went to Chili's for lunch today and I heard the lady in front of me picking up her order and she couldn't get something that had tomatoes in it cuz of the recall about the salmonella, that was the first I heard of it today. I DON'T eat tomatoes anyway, so I don't miss them, BUT I DO LOVE Chili's salsa, so that hurts!


So does that mean the end of tomatoe soup and spaghetti and pizza too?? They all are made from tomatoes. Salsa, ketchup, tomato paste? What about Bloody Marys?

Ugh...I sure the heck hope not!!

i LOVE salsa!

i LOVE salsa!

Chili's has THE BEST! ...

Chili's has THE BEST! they make their own and it's NOT chunky, cuz I DON'T like tomatoes so I don't like to bite into chunks of it! and the kids eat it too!

I forgot about Salsa!!! ...

I forgot about Salsa!!!

I found a store up here that is still selling tomatoes, but they have all these posters around there saying "eat at your risk" kind of thing.

Chubby - I didn't realize until you mentioned it that they don't have mushrooms at Subway. I hope they bring tomatoes back someday!!! If not, I'll have to stop going there!

Good Lord!!

When is everyone going to quit about being afraid to eat this or that? Wash the outsides of the food and it'll be fine!!

I have this friend that refuses to drink diet soda and preaches to me everytime I drink one. She'll only drink regular..not realizing how much sugar is in it. Then she preaches to me about the evils of iceburg lettuce and that there's no nutritional value in it..it's full of water and she refuses to eat that too. When we go to a restaurant and there's a salad she likes made with iceburg lettuce..that's a big no no for her.

While she eats all these "greens" that look like something I just dug off the bottom of the lawnmower..she pigs out on ice cream..telling me that ordering a glass of water with a lemon in it will rinse all the sugar from that ice cream right out of her system..


I ordered a glass of chocolate milk one time and she went on about the evils of milk...that it actually has "puss" in it and she wouldn't touch it. Isn't ice cream made from milk!?

Again...what a freakin' hoot!!

A Sub Sandwich

Why order a sub if you can't have tomatos on it? Or mushrooms?

Ok...just give me a meat sandwich..as soon they will be banning lettuce too!!

They say it is OK to eat ...

They say it is OK to eat grape and cherry tomatoes as well as the ones sold with the stem still on them. Just watch--- the price will go sky high on these!!!!!!!

When the heck..

When are these treehuggers going to get off their high horses about their expensive foods and realize that there are just as s many carbs in a bag or organic vegetarian chips as there are in a regular bag of potatoe chips?

Ohhh but they're healthier carbs and our bodies produce them differently...blah blah!!

What the heck is the difference between a tomato with a stem on it and one without a stem?? Maybe if the ones picking them would just wash their hands after using the bathrom before picking them/handling them, etc. Sorry but I just don't get it.

Salmonella this..salmonnella that. Doesn't it all come from things not being clean like the surfaces they cut them on??

I am soo tired of all these "foodies" telling us about all the foods that are bad for us. We should eat tofu and all these tasteless foods that they say are wonderful if you throw a bit of lemon on them or something. Yummm Yummmmm!!!!

Then they get on their high horses about all the things that cause cancer..blah blah blah.

Sorry but I'm going to eat what I enjoy!! Go ahead and eat your salads that look like the weeds I just cut out of my yard..that's YOUR  business. However..leave me alone and let me enjoy MY food.while you hork down your woody lettuce!!