I-Tunes 8.0 My Review


8.0 is BUGGY, I installed it last night and it promptly crashed my PC.  Itunes 8 is more unstable than a drunk Tim Allen at dangerous hardware convention. I've had it installed for 24 hours and it has crashed my computer 4 times,  4 TIMES! It refuses to start then I get the infamous Windows Blue Screen of death. I went to Apple's website, as per usual they blame everyone but themselves.

The new Genius feature is kind of cool. Genius analyzes your music and reccomends new music to you and can create a  playlist made up of similar tracks. For example, if you like Sheryl Crow Genius will create a playlist of like artists like Stevie Nicks, Jewel, and others to go a long with your selection.  I haven't played around much with it, its slooooowww but I can see the potental in it.

We also get a new view method which is really just a grid of Album art, nothing special.

NBC shows are back and Apple now offers HD video, with quite a few HD shows being offered for free.  The HD files take up quite a bit of space so beware. I also noticed that they're added a bunch of new TV networks in addition to NBC.

I advise everyone to wait a week or two for updates to come out, till then don't bother with this turkey!


thanks for the info, I ...

thanks for the info, I haven't updated it yet and I guess I WON'T now!

eek, that sucks! I was ...

eek, that sucks! I was just on itunes the other night. I wonder if I have upgraded it or not. Well, whatever I have, it works wonderfully.

Well, except when I transfer CD's into my itunes. It takes FOREVER for it to download the CD.

Yes, thanks! i keep ...

Yes, thanks! i keep getting prompted to download it. i sure won't now.