THIS man is "special"...



Well, he walks 10 miles a ...

Well, he walks 10 miles a day, so that keeps his weight normal, but I wonder about his veins and internal organs! I haven't had fast food in years, ever since I saw SUPERSIZE ME in the theaters. I still crave McDonald's French Fries though!

yeah, even all the ...

yeah, even all the exercise in the world can't UNCLOG your arteries.

Yes Walther..tis true what ...

Yes Walther..tis true what you say!!

Let's take the Irishmen that can drink and drink and DRINK..and live to be 104 years old.

Pickled as they may be...genes make a big difference!!

I have a friend that's Irish..and he can drink the rest of us under the table..and closing in on 65.....he looks better than most of us!!

Gorske lives in the same town I do..and comes from a family of achievers. The Gorske's were always famous for their energy and most (if not all of them) were medal winners in cross country..and went on to run marathons.

We see this guy all the time at Micky D's and everyone wants their pic taken with the Big Mac guy. Believe it or not..he not only walks 10 miles a day..but when he was younger..he ran more than that!!

It's all about genes people. In an interview with our local paper..Gorske said that his MD said his cholesteral count was just fine..and (although his MD said not to put it on paper..)..go ahead and eat those Big Macs..just don't tell your friends I said so!!