movie "An American Crime"...


 I watched this movie not really understanding what it was about, I just knew it was a true story. It was a good movie but it has left me with a very bad/disturbed feeling that I just can not shake.

The crimes that this lady, her kids, and the kids they brought home did to this poor little girl. It wasn't graphic but I had to leave the room many times. The horror this little girl suffered.  The only thing that made me feel a bit better is that the lady and her kids (the other ones as well) were tried and found guilty. I was surprised considering this happened 1966. If this little girl wouldn't have died who knows how long she would have had to suffer.

I am glad I watched it but how do I shake this cloud it has left over me??? I am literally sick knowing what torture this child went through.

I watched this movie last Saturday and it still effects me quite profoundly.


<p>There's an old story ...

There's an old story about a man who had terrible thoughts in his head that he wanted to get rid of but nothing seemed to work for him.

One day, after complaining about these thoguhts that were plaguing him he was given some advice by a traveler that had come to town. This stranger told him of a wise man in a faraway place that would be a difficult journey accessible only by foot but that if he met this wise man he would be guaranteed to learn what he needed to be cured.

Arrangements are made, a letter is sent to the wise man about the troubled man's plight and his desired to visit. The wise man responds by way of return letter that he may come visit and cautions that he must arrive before nightfall.

The man set out on the break of day the morning next. He traveled without rest for several days following the directions. He traversed many difficult passages and thicks of wood, rivers and cliffs until he finally arrived at the gates exactly as the traveler had described. He had done all he could to get there before dark and he was there at last, hungry, worn tired and cold, however, the day had already begun to darken into night. He knocked on the gates for the wise man to come and there was no answer. He knocked again and again. After some time he pounded with what little strength he could still muster and yet there was no answer. It was getting even colder. He huddled up on the ground against the gated doorway in a ball, shivering, and tried to rest for the night.

At dawn the wise man opened the gates and greeted the man. He invited him inside to warm up and have some food and drink. He said he had been expecting him and was pleased to see that he made the trip safely.

At that point the man thanked him but then had to ask "If you were expecting me, did you not listen for my knocking?"

The wise man admitted he did and in fact had heard him knocking.

"But I don't understand" the troubled and now confused man protested. "I have been having these terrible thoughts that plague my mind so I traveled this long and difficult journey. I was cold, hungry and weary. You were expecting me and must have known this to be the case. You say you even heard me knocking and yet you did not come let me in and so I had to spend the night out in the cold with my hunger and these terrible thoughts that keep coming into my head? Why would you do that? Will you not at least help me now with what I came to all this way for?"

"But I have already given you the answer to your problem last night" the wise man answered "You see, I did not let you in because a man's home is his castle and he lets in only that which he chooses to allow to come in".

<p>Just goes to show; you ...

Just goes to show; you can lead a horse to water and then you sometimes have to take that water away to put out the fire in the wise man's house and let the horse die of thirst and now you have no horse to lead to water but you still have your Corona and there ain't no black hole yet from that sun up there so you drink it and post about time existing but not really existing and it all makes sense now but will it still make sense in the morning? And will I still be stuck outside the gate or will that wise ass who wouldn't let me in open the friggin' gates already cause if he doesn't I'm all out of water, the horse is dead and I still gots me a Match!

<p>Ah, agreement. I like ...

Ah, agreement. I like that when it happens. It's all too rare.

Anywho, it's late. The Corona has flickered out. I'm tired and going to sleep. And if anyone comes to my door tonight the son of a bitch better have sent notice he was coming or I'm not gonna wait till morning to let him in I'm gonna let him in right then and there (since once inside it's justifiable), then for waking me and coming unannounced and uninvited the only thing he's gonna get to eat here is some lead..

'nite all. Rest well and stay off my freaking doorstep after dark if you know what's good for ya. No wisdom here. None at all. At least not after 4 Coronas. But I can still aim well enough at that range.

never heard of that movie. ...

never heard of that movie. I will try to find it somewhere.