ok, so it's been 3 years today and HERE WE GO AGAIN!!!

OOHHHH LORDY!!!  I was SO NOT ready but I can't deny it anymore!

David and I have been trying to decide what to do AND where to go, but we just don't know where to go YET til about Sunday.  we are going to put all the things we aren't bringing with us in the attic, since that was the only "safe" spot last time.  I just hope that we DON'T flood again.  I don't mind the hurricanes and bad weather, I just don't want water in my house.  and even though this computer ISN'T a laptop, I'M BRINGING IT!!  I lost too much last time to make the same mistakes again.  so I'll hopefully still be able to keep in touch with ya'll.  I'll email you guys my cell # so you can text or call me.  I'll let you know my plans as we figure them out.


okay. i sent you an email ...

okay. i sent you an email before reading this. so....ignore my email. XD

good luck! *lots of hugs and prayers*

Keep it together Dawn. ...

Keep it together Dawn. We're there with you in spirit. I wish I could do more than be encouraging but, if it helps any, the latest computer models for storm path predictions do show most of the six projections missing ya, some by a lot.


Of course that's NO reason not to prepare for it in every way possible just in case.

Now everyone chant along with me "Go Home Gustav! Go Home Gustav!..."

I keep hearing that it is ...

I keep hearing that it is shifting West, and hitting more of the Texas coast line, but I wouldn't wait around to see. I hope yall will be safe traveling, and packing/taking all your important things. It would be to hard for N.O. to go through this again. Much love, and be safe. Don't forget to email me your # so I can check in on you. I will email you mine so you have it.

Email me your number so I ...

Email me your number so I can text you too!! I hope it misses your place, and that all stays dry!!

You should come to Alaska, there's no hurricanes here!

"You should come to ...

"You should come to Alaska, there’s no hurricanes here!"
yeah, just ice storms and blizzards. lol.

and bears =:-0

and bears


LOL, y'all said bears, I ...

LOL, y'all said bears, I was waiting for the lions and tigers...OH MY!!!

Dawn--- is there some way ...

Dawn--- is there some way I can get my phone number to you privately? I am worried for your gang and mine. My daughter and her family are headed for inland Georgia there to stay with her in-laws. Our son and family are hanging here and will go to his house further inland if it's a Cat. 1. Anything above that we are all evacuating--- destination to be decided soon. I've checked and all the hotel/motel rooms are filled in Hattiesburg, Jackson, and even Birmingham. I figure Jindal will go contraflow on I-55 early on.
Peevers--- if you have a look at a map you'll see that if a hurricane goes in west of N.O. it puts both Dawn and myself in the worst possible position. And for some reason these storms like to draw a bead on Lake Ponchartrain, Bay of St. Louis, and Biloxi Bay.

"LOL, y’all said bears, I ...

"LOL, y’all said bears, I was waiting for the lions and tigers…OH MY"

OK hon. Here ya go

Lions and Tigers... OH MY!


'cept I don't think they have them two in AK. But with global warming being what it is I would not be surprised if it isn't too terribly much longer (two or three decades) before they start getting hurricanes traveling that far up.

We have some tigers at the ...

We have some tigers at the zoo, but no lions!!

And we don't get hurricanes up here, we get monsoons!

Dawn, I got the email you ...

Dawn, I got the email you sent. I am sending one back. Even though I am in north Louisiana, I am giving you my phone number in case you need anything. My sister is a nurse in Gretna, and I just talked with her. She has been told to prepare to work non-stop for the next seven days, and to bring her own supplies with her if she intends to eat.

I'm praying for all of y'all!

<p>I think we're going to ...

I think we're going to Pensacola. David was looking online for rooms and found a few there. and chubby, you can email me at fivedm5@hotmail.com to get me any info you want to give! THANKS ALL!!

hey girl! It's storming ...

hey girl! It's storming really bad in FLA so be careful on the road. i
If you DO decide to come down plz call maybe we can hook up. Pensicola isn't too far. Stay safe and God bless. It was great to talk to you! :)

ooh, be careful guys! i ...

ooh, be careful guys! i read that N.O. is ordering evacuations. it must be getting really bad out there sinced gustav became a category 5. please be careful! good luck getting inland, traffic is a bitch out there. dawn, you have my number in case you need anything. chubby, do you want me to have yours and ill give you mine?? email me at conanabanana02@yahoo.com if so.

Inland Texas is always a ...

Inland Texas is always a safe place to go come hurricane time. If anyone ends up in central Texas let me know so we can do what we can to hep yuz.