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OK My radio guys are talking about this story right now. Turns out the league this pitcher kid plays on is a confidence building league. It's for kids around the age of 9 that have NEVER played ANY sport before. It's a confidence building league that helps beginners learn the sport so that in a year or so they can play with kids their age that have played before in the past.

The pitcher kid was OFFERED to move up to a different league, and he said NO he didn't want to. They have broken the team up and moved the kids onto other teams. They told the kid that pitches he can play, but NOT pitch, and he said no that he wanted to pitch. So due to hearing the rest of the story, I'm going to change my opinion of it. There is no way this kid is a beginner, and he shouldn't have been on a league that is a confidence builder to help kids LEARN the sport. He should have been on a higher league for his level. No way was this the kids first time touching a baseball!

here's the article:  http://blogs.usatoday.com/ondeadline/2008/08/9-year-old-pitc.html 


yeah, somthin's fishy there!!!

yeah, somthin's fishy there!!!

This kid may well be great ...

This kid may well be great at pitching but does he have confidence batting or catching? Walter is right.

The info I supplied that ...

The info I supplied that wasn't in the article was from the article the radio guys were reading when I typed my post. If you want to find all that info, go do some digging! I didn't feel like finding all of it.

If the kids played T-ball then they wouldn't be on a BEGINNER baseball league. Playing T-ball means they have some sort of sports experience. Again, this league was for kids that have NEVER played sports, or have any concept of sports. It's a learning experience and a confidence builder. They have to keep score to teach the concept of the game!

If this kid needs other skills then he would have taken the offer to play a different position. The fact that he told them no and that he wanted to play pitcher because that was his position shows that he is not there to learn anything, just to get his skills better. With an attitude like he had he shouldn't be on the league!

Here's another article: http://www.transworldnews.com/NewsStory.aspx?id=57691&cat=6

He WAS offered to play a different position. "League officials suggested that Scott play other positions, or pitch against older players or in a different league."

This article also mentions that when his team showed up to play AFTER BEING TOLD NOT TO (coach should be punished for that move) the other team packed their stuff up and forefitted - didn't even attempt to play. I don't blame them either, why should they go out there and NOT learn on a league they PAID to be in to learn? No kid will ever learn to hit a ball against this kid.

Oh, and on a side ...

Oh, and on a side note:

This was a co-ed team.

I found another article ...

I found another article too... The kid was told to stop pitching. He played the NEXT game on second base, then went back to pitching. He took ONE game off of pitching to play second base and then went right back to pitching when he was told not to. What the hell??

It also says that his mom went crazy and threatened to have the league shut down at his last game (that's the game that the other team packed up and left).


Of course she claims she didn't go crazy but she called the cops?? WTF are the cops going to do?

Funny how it started out ...

Funny how it started out as "poor kid" and now the WHOLE story is starting to come out!!

He's a little shit in my eyes! And I'm not sure I'm too keen on his coach that ALLOWED him to take the mound again!

I agree and disagree on ...

I agree and disagree on different points.

First, I disagree that this boy MUST have played before. I play tennis with a guy from Taiwan who is beyond amazing. That's what he says and I have no reason to doubt him. He is also self taught, well, he learned mostly from watching and emulating the pros he says. I can accept that. I watched the best skiers and did all I could to do what they did, next thing I knew at every resort I go I'm probably anywhere from the top 10 to 50 on the entire mountain depending on the size of the place. (some places have hundreds and others have thousands of skiers on the slopes at any given time). It can be done. I'm not saying this kid for sure did come that far that fast but there are some who have what it takes, are most dedicated, excel beyond everyone's wildest dreams and then are hated for it. I'm only shocked no one has accused Michael Phelps of doping yet. Trust me, it'll happen. Mark my words. They did it to Lance Armstrong. Jealous bastards is all they are.

Now I do agree, no matter what the reason for the boy's talents (more experience than he admits to or just natural ability and hard work to hone it so well) no matter what, if it is truly made clear up front that this is all about confidence building (not buried somewhere on anywhere but the primary description of the league) then he ought to be big enough to move on and let the other players do that, build confidence. Perhaps he ought to do it regardless even though he would not be so obligated, he might still feel morally obligated to do so. He's got a lot of press out of his excellent playing and being an excellent person would be just another big feather in his cap.