Today is the day...

So I have been super busy at work, fiscal year is almost over and we are doing the budget. much fun I can hardly stand it. So I haven't been able to get on here in a while, except to leave a comment or two, but today is the day for a few things, so it is now time to get the peeves off my chest.

We are supposed to find out if Clint gets laid off today. We are on pins and freakin needles waiting for an answer. They can extend the date for as long as they want up to 60 days, but can only extend it once. The local paper says they can extend the date from anything like 60 days to just over the weekend. His 3 year anniversary is Sept. 11 (lucky day, right?) and if Alcoa extends the date past then, he will be eligable for sub-pay, if they do it before his 3 year mark, then he will get nothing but unemployment. Damn the waiting.

As I said above we are doing a budget at work. They said the salaries for the department I work in are out of wack. They wanted to do a $2/hr raise for the whole department. Now they are saying that they are just going to do 5%. So instead of bringing in an extra $320 a month, we will be bringing in alot less, but I guess a raise is a raise, right? Nope, wrong. While they are saying they will give us this raise, they are going to take money out of our checks to help pay for the raise in our medical insurance. So they give-ith and take-ith away. So we are not making anything extra that they are not going to get back anyway.

School starts for my oldest on Monday. Don't know if I am excited or upset yet. I am glad she will be starting school, but I am upset because now I have no control of the people that will have negaitive impacts on her. I know there are shi*ty parents that raise shi*ty kids with shi*ty attitudes, but I don't want that to rub off on her. I am trying to be positive, because I know she will meet some great new people, but she will also meet negative people, and that sucks. We met her teacher last night, and she seems real nice, and excited about her new students. I heard she is a very good teacher, so I am thankful for that. They have been remodeling the kitchen at the Elementary since last year, it still isn't done, so the Jr. High is making extra food for the Elem. and shipping it over, for most of the school year. I am glad Kaylie wanted a lunch box, and is taking her lunch. 

My aunt just had a baby. This is not so much a bad thing, but parts of it are. She is 45! She refused to have any of her now 4 kids in a hospital, she has them at home with a midwife. They could barely support the 3 kids they had, so hell, lets add one more. Then to make matters worse, she is taking off work for a YEAR! If her husband had a stable job, I am sure they could make it, but he doesn't. Then to add insult to injury, they just moved in with my grandmother, who JUST put my 96 year old great grandmother in a nursing home, so now the freedom of going to the bathroom without my great-grandmother busting in, is now eclipsed my having 4 kids bust in on her. My aunt is the baby of the family, but there comes a time to own up to your responsibilities. She says that God has put her where she is today, but I don't believe that. God would not intentionally make her move in with my grandmother! Yes, I do believe that God puts obsticles and choices in your path, but it is up to YOU to decide which path to take. The easy way is not always the right one. You don't do something because it is easy, you choose the path that better directs your life and the life of your family.

I am getting off my soap box now, but I am sure I will find something else to b*tch about later.


Mnolen, You have been ...

You have been missed.
I am keeping my fingers crossed about your husband's job. I hope the best happens.
Your raise situation seems to be more and more common these days. Medical coverage has gotten so expensive.
The biggest thing that you mentioned is your poor grandmother having a houseful of people. It looks like she will never have some nice, peaceful downtime. Hopefully your aunt will help take care of the house while she is there.
Anyway, good to see you back again.

WOW, girl, you've been ...

WOW, girl, you've been busy!! me too! work is whippin my ass. I'm so tired at night. not used to gettin up and workin every day yet.
I really do hope everything works out for you and Clint. and I hope Kaylie has fun at school and she likes it. and your aunt needs to GROW UP!!! 45 and still havin kids!!! she can't even afford them!!?? good lord!!! I hope your grandma doesn't let them stay around for too long, she's too old to deal with all that! they need to get their own life!